Study Of A Grade Science Classroom At Virginia Public Elementary School Essay

Study Of A Grade Science Classroom At Virginia Public Elementary School Essay

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Participants and Setting
This study was conducted in a third grade science classroom in Northern Virginia Public elementary school. This location was chosen because the study is working with an elementary education population.
Participants of the study was made up of third grade student age ranging from 8 to9 years of age, Their ages ranged from 8-9 with an mean age of 8.5. Participant’s gender was 10 females and 14 males. There was variety of ethnicities represented by the participants: 8 identified as Black/African American, 13 as White/Caucasian, 2 as Hispanic, and 1 as Asian/Pacific Islander. Two of students were identified as special education, Two are identified as gifted, 20 general education students.
Data was collected from the pre-post scientific attitudes survey and through pre/ post assessment. The scientific attitudes were measured by a pre TDSAS Survey of Science Attitude and post TDSAS Survey of Science Attitude (see Appendix C) which consists of 12 questions assessment consisting of rating scale of 1 to5. The score of a five means the students strongly agrees with the statement, a score of one means the students strongly disagree with the statement. An example question from the survey is “I think learning science is fun”. The student’s pre assessment of their knowledge of the unit was measure by animal adaptation statements (see Appendix D). A sample question from the pre –assessment is to “adapt” means to stay the same. Then students’ acquired knowledge was measured by the final unit assessment which consisted of a animal adaptation statements see Appendix D ). Additionally student behavioral engagement will be collected using student engagement walkthrough checklist ( see Appendix E). Only certain...

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...ject was or how something worked.
Lastly the student participated with an aspect of creative drama called improvisation. Improvisation is when a person is asked to act out something without any preparation. The activity the students participated in was called Spontaneous role-play. During this activity small groups were formed, in the small groups student were placed in different situations and asked to take on varying roles.
Students then participated in a post test attitudes survey. Lastly, students were assessed on their scientific knowledge through a unit assessment. Then pre-tests and posttest scientific attitudes survey were compared to examine the effect of creative drama on student attitudes. Also the pre-test on the scientific unit and the unit assessment were compared to see the effect of creative drama on students understanding of scientific phenomenon.

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