K-12 Education in the United States

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In this generation, with this continuously improving developments and the global economy, education that is of high quality is not only the pathway towards opportunity but it is a pre-requisite that one needs for achieving success. Since educational achievement and economic progress are inextricably linked, it is essential to educate every student in America so as to graduate from high school fully prepared to join college and for a career is of national importance. So as to create an economy that will last, there should be revision of competitive and complete education that can enable learners to succeed in the global economy that is based on innovation and knowledge. This essay argues for reform of K-12 education through includes stopping cuts in education budgets to curb teacher attrition, incorporation of technology to empower teachers on delivery, expansion of the K-12 engineering curriculum and accountability reforms including the delivery of tests so as to improve K-12 education in the United States.

So as to improve the K-12 education, the United States needs to redesign the high schools. The initiative by the president to redesign the high schools is significant in encouraging the schools to use the available resources. Schools together with their partners should take into using the resources that exist effectively. These resources are in the local, state and the federal so as to transform the experience in the high schools for the youth through energy of the whole school redesign. This effort of redesigning the high schools will help challenge them and their partners in rethinking learning and teaching. These reforms should constitute of learning that is personalized and college and career exploration that will ens...

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