What Does The Mediocre Teacher Inspires?

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Marie Edmond Personal Philosophy of Teaching Assignment
“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward My personal philosophy on teaching is to inspire my students to think and to be objective thinkers. Like life, classrooms are filled with incidents on a daily basis. It 's interesting, as an active participant, to actually experience these moments shared between teachers and students as relationships are built mostly based on personality. As professionals, it 's expected that emotions take the back seat in decision making, but humans think with their heart a lot. A teacher in my estimation is one of the most human
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Posing questions on materials covered and the quality of materials selected can create the desired environment for students to thrive. I want to inspire my students to think outside the box and to ask questions. Society needs thinkers not robots. The classroom plays an important part in aiding the growth of an individual. It is my duty as a teacher to impart knowledge because ideas have a way of changing lives. Examining and discussing ideas with students allows them to move to a new level of understanding, so that ultimately, they may be transformed. It is also significant for students to be taught that knowledge is greatly important to the human race. Lecturing is crucial when teaching, students not only need to be thinkers but objective thinkers. In order for students to be objective thinkers they must be given instruction to obtain the knowledge needed. All core areas of learning are equally important in building an objective individual that has can function well in society; such as science, math, reading, writing and humanities. There must be a balance. I want to teach students more than just the material; I want students to be able to apply skills learned in the classroom, to the real world. An important factor in teaching is to teach life skills as well as giving students the tools to survive in the real world. Teachers are like role models; at least we should look at ourselves in that way. Our job is to aid our students in becoming functional individuals in society and our experiences can be used as a guide. Taking an active part in my students learning is essential to me. Posing questions encourages students to think. This gives the students an opportunity to analyze, discuss, synthesize and apply the material in real life. The learning environment created by me, will be an
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