Essay on Study Abroad And Self Development

Essay on Study Abroad And Self Development

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Study Abroad and Self-development
Nowadays, an increasing number of students choose the way of study abroad to acquire knowledge and to complete their studies. Studying abroad has already become a very common phenomenon. On campus, we may see some students who are from the different countries, and we study and live together ,although we may have the different culture background. It seems to many people that study abroad provides a perfect platform to help students enhance their own abilities and exchange different culture to each other, but other people may think that study abroad also has some disadvantages, like it may make students feel lonely and homesick, and students may lose themselves in a different country. As a international students, I think study abroad is a beneficial behavior for self-development, because it is able to help us broaden our horizons and gain more professional knowledge to improve our abilities in all aspects.
First of all, my first criterion is that some behaviors are able to help us set up and develop some specific goals, which behaviors are beneficial for our self-development. According to Manuel London and James W. Smither’s article “Empowered Self-development and Continuous Learning”, “Self-development means seeking and using feedback, setting development goals, engaging in developmental activities, and tracking progress on one 's own” (3). It means that setting and developing specific goals is an indispensable part in our process of self-development, So we are able to believe that a beneficial behavior for self-development should be able to help us set and develop some specific goals.
As far as I am concerned, study abroad can help us establish and develop our...

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... they may not come from the same country. There are also a lot of ways to solve the homesick. Because of the developed communication and network facilities, overseas students are able to always get in touch with their parents when they feel homesick. If some overseas students and parents think that living expenses and tuition fees are so expensive, these students are able to apply for a scholarship through studying hard. This solution can not only reduce living expenses and tuition fees, but also urge students to study hard. So as far as I an concerned, standing on a long-term point of view, the advantages of studying abroad significantly more than the disadvantages.
All above all, study abroad is able to meet my three criterion about a beneficial behavior for self-development, so there is no doubt that study abroad is a beneficial behavior for self-development.

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