The Relationship Between Ownership And The Sense Of Self And Identity

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It is one sad existence, to live and die, without discovering, what could have been. The question is often asked, what is the meaning of life? Or even, what is the purpose? There is no clear answer, and yet there is a search in every moment, every breath, and every corner, for a minute hint. In a societal setting, identity is merely determined by the amount of tangible things owned. Society places the ideology on individuals that those who own the most tangible things are above others. An individual can trump all those societal values by owning the self. This brings equality to all, and levels the playing field. This has been true throughout history, however behind all of this, there are individuals learning to conquer themselves. It begs the question, what defines a person, the physical or the metaphysical? There is obviously a compelling relationship between ownership and the sense of self or identity. But, is it ownership that determines the sense of self or is it perhaps, that the sense of self determines ownership. The…show more content…
Behavior plays a major role in the understanding of an individual and by owning and sometimes altering, one's behavior, the sense of self becomes closer to filling that, which is desired. By learning new skills an individual begins to discover the potential, which the self can have, fuel the fire to become more connected with the self and ultimately own it. Through that potential, success can bring a sense of confidence and pride towards characteristics, which an individual takes up. There is a clear relationship between ownership and the sense of self. Owning behavior, skills and success, transforms individuals into unique beings of faltering perseverance and determination. If there is clay, then there must also be a
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