The Strict Parenting Has Positive Effects On Children Essay

The Strict Parenting Has Positive Effects On Children Essay

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This paper will explore the strict parenting whether it has positive effects or negative effects on children. Before I begin my discussion, I want to ask you a question. How do you define an authoritarian parent? In response to this question, you can think about someone who has a complete control over his or her children. According to Kendra Cherry, the author of “What Is Authoritarian Parenting?”, she explains that, “Authoritarian Parenting is a style characterized by high demands and low responsiveness.” In this sentence, authoritarian parenting, also known as helicopter parenting, is parents who force their children to follow their needs without any explanations, so their children must be under their regulations even though children do not want to be. In my view, authoritarian parenting style may do more harm than good to children.
Some people might think that strict parenting is a good parenting style to raise their children because it builds a close relationship between parents and children. To be more specific, authoritarian parents are close to their children because they usually get involved in their child’s every activity. According to Amy Chua, the author of “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, she claims that, “Chinese parents spend approximately 10 times as long every day drilling academic activities with their children.” Chua’s point is that Chinese parents are likely to spend time with their kids to make sure that their kids are doing well and safe. For example, when kids have assignments from school, helicopter parents would help with their kids’ homework. Some strict parents may not teach their kids’ homework, but they would force or push their kids to do homework by keeping an eye on them. In this way, raising chil...

... middle of paper ... authority might have problems with their mentality. Those children have a lack of freedom and have a high possibility for aggressive behavior, which can hurt other people. In addition, the helicopter parents are more likely to provide food for their children whenever it is time or even if there are not hungry without asking their children 's opinion, and finally, children would suffer from obesity. As evidenced by the above discussion, parents should consider that be very strict with their children have negative effects on their children more than positive effects. Therefore, parents should give their children opportunities to speak and listen to their voices. Moreover, parents should give them freedom to make their own decisions and to take care of themselves because children will be able to develop the skills to be independent which lead them to live good lives.

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