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Strict gun control laws that ban guns/ make them difficult to obtain for law abiding citizens in New York City are not the solution to the problem of violent gun crime.

Gun rights and gun control have long been the topics of popular debate here in US. Strict gun control laws that ban guns/ make them difficult to obtain for law abiding citizens in New York City are not the solution to the problem of violent gun crime. These laws do more harm than good by infringing the rights of and criminalizing law abiding citizens. By not allowing law abiding citizens to defend themselves efficiently, these laws make them ideal targets for the outlaws (Journal of Business and Economic Research). Banning or restricting firearms has no correlation with the number of deaths or suicide (Harvard Journal Of Law and Public Policy). One of the main arguments for strict gun control is that violence should not be met by violence; doing so would only increase it (Civil Liberties Review). They also argue that strict gun control is something that the majority of the population wants hence it is beneficial (New Labor Forum of Murphy Institute). My paper is going to focus mainly on New York, with some discussion of other places.

Moderate amount of gun regulation is necessary. Federal back ground checks go a long way in making it difficult for criminals, violent offenders, or mentally disabled individuals from obtaining guns. There are currently almost 310 million guns in possession of civilians in the United States (Krouse, William J. 2012. ‘How Many Guns Are in the United States?’). Restricting lawful gun ownership as a solution to reduce gun crime is highly counter-productive. Criminals will get a gun regardless of the law, and simply restricting g...

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...als do fall through the cracks of the legal system, it is not enough evidence to prove that the legal system of more gun friendly states is failing. It is also equally possible that the strict laws of New York are actually making it a lucrative market for illegal firearm trafficking from out of state and not the other way around. What New York Laws are doing is attempting to create a vacuum in a country with millions of guns. Such an approach is radical and not realistic.

Disarming one side while failing to disarm any one else is a recipe for disaster. Our politicians all get private security details, with heavily armed guards. The criminals can get all sorts of weapons on the black market. The police is increasingly being militarized with weapons that are being used in war. Then why is it that when ever it comes to lawful citizens being armed we get so scared?

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