Gun Control in America

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There are gun control laws to try and reduce the number of violent shootings that occur. They are trying to put limits on weapons that Americans can own. The government is trying to take our guns away mainly because of people that are criminally insane. Most of the people who commit crimes don’t even have the weapons legally. If the government takes away the rights of people who are allowed to have firearms in their possession, it will most definitely cause an outrage. Most people believe that the people should be more capable of maintain proper use of the firearms instead of having them all taken away. Taking the firearms from Americans away would cause a lot more problems than there actually are. The people will be upset with the government taking firearms away because of the horrible people who harm innocent people using them. So they will do anything to their capabilities to keep them. The Reasons for the government attempting to ban the vast majority of firearms comes from all the violence that is caused using them. The government’s aim is to make a safer environment for the people. That is a reasonable goal, but most crimes are dealt using illegal firearms. Banning firearms most likely wouldn't cause much of a decline in gun related crime. Majority of the crimes are done by people who have had a prior past of criminal activity. Guns are not the reason for the violent crimes. The crimes are caused by the typical person with a violent past with them. Most people would agree that the firearms they have are used either for recreational activities or home protection in times of need. So they believe that without firearms, they are defenseless. Most will also tell anybody that the weapons aren't the ones causing the harm. Gun v... ... middle of paper ... ...// d=21103414003011. Christine Jamieson, Gun violence research: History of the federal funding freeze, American Psychological, February, 2013 American Psychological Association, Feb 18, 2014, Joaquin Sapien, How the NRA Undermined Congress’ Last Push for Gun Control,, Jan. 24, 2013, Journalism in the Public Interest, Feb 18, 2014, The-nra -gained-the-last-time-congress-strengthened-gun-laws. Todd Barnet, Gun Control Laws Violate the Second Amendment and May Lead to Higher Crime Rates,, Winter 1998, Missouri Law review, Feb 19, 2014,

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