Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Good Psychologist Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Good Psychologist Essay

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Strengths and Weaknesses
Every career requires specific soft skills in order to consider pursuing degree in that specific field. As a psychology major, some of the soft skills I need are Communication, Time management and Critical thinking. It’s very important for me to be fascinated with what I do in order to help others. The reason I picked these three soft skills is because having these skills can make me a great psychologist.
Communication is required in every field of career, jobs or any sort of workplace. It is one of the top most highly necessary skill because it signals the employees about my commitment and dedication towards the job. Communication is my biggest strength and I am very much good at interacting with one another or even in groups. Interacting with people can get the work done much more faster, easier and better. One of my qualities to be a good psychologist includes is Effective Communication, which also includes an environment pleasant to everyone to help them feel comfortable. I was born in Pakistan and raised in the States therefore, it has given me the ability to be familiarized with both cultures. Since, I’ve been brought up in a diverse culture, it helps me connect to the real world situations and different household issues. It gives me a better understanding of how lives function in different households with different culture therefore it helps me relate to others problems. Psychology is all about the brain activity and being open-minded to be able to see everyone from a more higher spectrum due to all of the experiences I 've faced in my personal life. This gives me a chance to connect to the patient even more and being able to truly feel about their situations or everyday tensions/mental stress t...

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...o hold me back from pursuing my career with great interest. I need to work on my emotional stability meaning, I cannot let others personal problems affect or interfere with my life. I will have to keep a balance or possibly a distance between my work life and my love life. I carry some great qualities of a Psychologist for example I can inspire patients and ask them to trust me with their problems and make them feel like home. A great Psychologist should also be open to new research and new ways of thinking and are always ready or challenges. They should also be familiar with state laws and regulations and knows how to work within the boundaries of the law. I am currently working on my weaknesses and how to overcome them. I will try to improve myself within time and try my best to make sure I 'm doing what I 'm supposed too and making better decisions one at time.

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