Strategies For Managing Diversity Within The Workplace Essay

Strategies For Managing Diversity Within The Workplace Essay

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Strategies that help managing diversity in the workplace

The classic concept, ‘Unity In Diversity’ has been working profoundly for the formation of nations and societies from the time immemorial. But, the power of diversity is not restricted to building social groups; it is equally disruptive in creating powerful teams in the workplace. Cultural diversity in the workplace is always considered beneficial for the organization because it encompasses a bevy of creative ideas, interests, skills, and approaches. But, it is a boon to an organization only if the top management realizes its importance and HR department possesses skills to manage the workplace diversity. Diversity should be taken as variety rather than difference because plurality in terms of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, race, education, cognitive style and personality helps produce synergy in the team’s efforts and enhance the overall productivity of an organization.

Karen Parkin, Chief HR Officer at the Adidas Group, very beautifully and strongly portrayed the role of cultural diversity at the workplace in the following words, “Diversity provides the steady stream of new ideas, fresh perspectives and contrary points of view that are the lifeblood of innovation.” Her statement confirms that diversity is the seed of innovations and radical changes; the two forces responsible for the sustainable and inclusive growth of a business. In other words, compatible differences result in open discourses and improved harmony. Be it Google, Apple, Toyota or Samsung, diversity is the backbone of all the leading innovative businesses in the present age. Several types of research conducted by the VitalSmarts India in the past few years have proven that culturally diverse organiza...

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...tion has been felt and noticed by others and they must not stop contributing their best. The organization must encourage the team to celebrate small as well as big achievements in the presence of all. This way they can create an environment of togetherness, respect, and compassion which is the prerequisite of achieving common goals and objectives.
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Diversity is synonymous with openness, receptivity, variety and enhanced growth because of freedom open doors for inventions, innovations, introductions, and incarnations. A diverse workforce should be taken as the core competency of a business because diversity in most of the cases is directly proportional to better understanding and quality outcome. And, it is practically true that an organization’s success depends on upon its tendency to embrace diversity and efficiency to harvest it for a longer period.

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