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This chapter provides the background of the study of influence of training and development. This chapter also describes the overview of training, problem statement, research questions, research objectives, significance of the study, and also the overview of research framework.

Training is a process through which skills and attributes are developed, also information is provided, in order to help individuals who employed in organizations to become more effective and efficient in done their task. Better job performance will make the maximum contribution to the organization, not only at present but also in the future. The goal of training is for employees to acquire knowledge, learn new skills and behaviors emphasized in training programs and apply them to their day to day activities. Long-term planning that is used in most of the firms that invest in developing new skills to their workforce has enabled the firm to cope with the uncertainty that they may face in the future. When employees are recognized by the organization of their interests in the firm through offering training programs, they will apply their best efforts to achieve organizational goals, and demonstrated high performance on job. Training should involve more than just basic skills development to enable companies to gain a competitive advantage. One major area of the Human Resource Management function of particular relevance to the effective use of human resources is training.

According to April (2010), training plays an important role in the development of the organization to improve performance and increase productivity which will eventually put the company in the best position to face compet...

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Figure 1.1: Proposed research framework

The research framework are divided into independent and dependent variables. Independent variable is a variable that is expected to influence the dependent variable. This research uses training commitment, training contents and delivery approach, and training evaluation as independent variables. Dependent variable is a criterion or a variable that is to be predicted or explained. Dependent variable for this study is job performance.


The first chapter of this study presents about the study and the purpose of the study. It includes the background of the study, background of the industry, problem statements, research objectives, research questions, significance of the study, research framework and summary of hypotheses.
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