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The Strategic Vision Of Alliance Essay

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Alliance does a great job of integrating their strategic vision into their talent development. In order to double their sales by 20/20, much of their strategic development involves growing, promoting, and backfilling. At the beginning of each year, the leadership team creates a set of imperatives for the business level. These imperatives are then used at the department level and cascade down to individual goals. These goals are formally entered into the company system, but Ms. Wampler informed us that these goals are not policed or enforced. Instead of having formal development meetings they focus on continuous communication and touchbases to see what they employees are doing and what they can be doing to improve their career trajectory. This informal approach is becoming more common for organizations due to its simplicity. A downside to this approach is the absence of formal metrics that can be used to measure and track development.

While goals are not formally policed, Alliance does offer a robust mix of training programs to aid in employee development. These programs are consistent with the inverted training pyramid discussed in our class, as they emphasize taking on challenging projects and offer “Lunch and Learn” programs where the employee can learn different skills from other departments like the IT and strategic communications departments. The programs aren’t assigned or mass-scheduled for the entire staff, instead the employee is given charge of their own development, with the development coach there to assist them. There are positives and negatives to this approach. First, putting the employee in charge of their own development helps the employee buy-in and take responsibility for their career path. This all...

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...ational program get different types of real work experience.

An interesting development example from our interview with Ms. Wampler, whose focus is developing leaders for the Care Centers. At this level, her primary focus is on grooming new supervisors to be effective in their roles. On a weekly basis she meets with her Leadership Development partner to discuss current trends with the new supervisors, and what she would like to see them doing to make them more successful. She informed us that their most current problem has been new supervisors struggling with time management and not using their calendars effectively. To ensure that the issues identified in new supervisors does not become a recurring issue, Ms. Wampler is able to relay this information to her supervisor recruiting partner to make sure that candidates can be better developed for their future roles.

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