The Sugar Wax Salon Marketing Plan

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The Sugar Wax Salon Marketing Plan Company Overview Sugar Wax Salon is an eco-friendly sugar hair removal and skin treatment salon, located in Baltimore, MD. Founded in 2016, the salon provides hypoallergenic and biodegradable beauty services and products to protect our clients and the environment. Sugar Wax Salon offers full facial and body hair removal services that are based on the Middle Eastern practice of sugaring. This specialty service involves the use of sugar, lemon, and water to create a natural wax that permanently removes body hair. The process is natural, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. It is also chemical free, which reduces irritation and ingrown hairs. Highly-skilled technicians provide the facial services. The company produces…show more content…
This type of client would also be interested in beauty, fashion, and natural products. Sugar Wax Salon promises to serve all clients in a private, relaxing atmosphere that is safe and sanitary. The desire to be known for excellent service, hygienic procedures, organic products, and affordable prices. Market Overview Categorically, anything that helps people look the way they want is considered to be part of the beauty industry, including hair removal and skincare products. The beauty industry is a diverse industry that offers an overwhelming number of options to consumers. One of those options is waxing services which is why Sugar Wax Salon exists. Within the beauty industry, the two types of companies are producers and service providers. Producers use target markets, prices and manufacturing processes to differentiate themselves. Service providers use target markets, prices, location, products, and services to differentiate themselves. In 2015, the beauty industry generated $56.2 billion in the United States. Also, it is expected to grow larger according to Franchise Help Holdings. The personal waxing segment of the industry earned $11 billion in sales with an average annual growth of 7.6% according to SWOT…show more content…
• Host an open house/customer appreciation event with music, food, product giveaways, and demonstrations. • Meet with local media to introduce them to the product line and share information about the natural method of hair removal. • Establish a relationship with partnering organization with similar business philosophies and client base we would like to collaborate with for programs, events or services. Key Take Outs The beauty industry has great opportunities for companies wanting to profit from the growth and resiliency of the sector. Finding the right niche is important for becoming visible in the industry. Communicating the unique selling point to the target group will distinguish the company from the competition so it can survive. Also, product sales are needed to earn revenue beyond the service income. The success of Sugar Wax Salon will rely on its ability to offer a beneficial service, create the right products, and promote them to the right people at the right price.

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