Essay about Speech : ' Calling Out The Elephant '

Essay about Speech : ' Calling Out The Elephant '

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Bush, E.C. & Bush V., L. (2010). Calling out the elephant: An examination of African American male achievement in community colleges. Journal of African-American Males in Education, 1(1), 40-62.
Define the problem/research question
The research questions are defined as follow:
1. How are African-American males performing at the California community colleges compared to other ethnic and gender sub groups?
2. How do African-American males feel about institutional support at the community college?
3. Do institutional factors assist in African-American male achievement?
4. What variables best predict African-American male achievement?
Relevant topic
African-American males are attending college at a high rate, however, their graduation rate still lingers behind all other ethnic groups and gender. Community colleges have the largest percentage of African-American males so being able to understand how they progress or don’t progress will allow those of authority to develop programs to assist them, but this may also assist them with their progress at 4 year institutions when they graduate.
The hypotheses are as follow:
1. African-American male achievement at the community college is the same at other institutions.
2. African-American males understand the importance of obtaining a degree.
3. Family members provide support to encourage students to achieve in college.
4. Students have to spend time studying or in the library to be successful.


A quantitative analytical secondary analysis and a basic qualitative research model that utilized an elements of a case study research design. The following data was included in the study and was a part of the focus group research: gradu...

... middle of paper ...

...ded the survey more than for two weeks. I also would have conducted the survey at additional colleges for a comparison, and limited the interaction that participants had with each other.
How would you extend this research
The researcher excluded comments that were directed at another person, a person of another racial group, or members of other groups. I believe this is information that should have been included in the study.
Different methodology
I would not have used a different methodology. I would have extended the qualitative analysis to provide the comments from students. With limited resources, support of all students is limited. I would expanded the study to include other males of color to see if they provided similar responses.
How would change benefit the study

The quantitative and qualitative approach would have add credibility to the study.

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