Distraction In The Palm Of Your Hand Essay

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Distraction in the Palm of Your Hand (1357) The fastest growing form of communication in America’s society is texting. David Mercer brings up a valid argument about how the appearance of texting was not a slow process, parents never had an opportunity to experience texting so they have no way of teaching their children how to use it responsibly (Carter). Texting is so common it carries over into our everyday lives easily and at times becomes controlling. America’s society thrives on the conveniences texting provides us. While texting is fast and convenient it has numerous faults that affect our society mentally and socially. Texting can be beneficial as it simplifies our lives at times; however, there are numerous negative effects texting has on our society. America’s society is changing because countless people are so involved with texting that, they are mentally being effected. As the brain develops in its early years, it…show more content…
Texting is a quick way to avoid long drawn out conversations with a parent or family member. Calling others can be a hassle or seem awkward depending on who you’re dealing with. A technology analyst at Creative Strategies, Ben Bajarin, explains how the use of social interaction enhances communication (Zaslow). Although I agree with Bajarin up to a point, I can not agree with his overall conclusion that social interactions can lead to concrete bonds and forms of communication. Texting is a way to hide behind a screen and talk to others as they do the same. There are no real interactions occurring as one type. While texting is a way to express one 's feelings, it in no way expresses real social skills that one needs to thrive in society. In very few jobs can one go through the day and not interact with his or her coworkers or boss; so how does growing up texting all one’s thoughts prepare for the real world? It
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