Communicating without Texting: The Key to Healthy Relationships

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Communication is the key to any healthy relationship along with other factors. When text messaging is the main type of communication a relationship is bound to have many problems. Communication is supposed to be face- to- face and not electronically. Text messages are also a thing that alters trust between spouses. Many times people use text messages to be sneaky. There are many times when text messages have caused many scandals. Text messaging also lacks a needed amount of emotion. You can not always express the way you feel through a message because it can be taken that seriously. Text messaging is the downfall of many intimate relationships because it results in lack of communication, trust, honesty and emotion.

According to the definition of a relationship is a particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other. Communication is the first step to getting involved with someone. When you communicate with some one intimately it should be on a comfortable level. You are supposed to be able to tell your better half a lot of different things and also be able to relate to them. There are a lot of people who have relations with people and their main type of communication is through text messages. This becomes a big problem between the two people. Lack of communication in a relationship can result in decisions that can even lead to separation. Sometimes when a relationship lacks communication one of the members began to doubt the others loyalty. An honest relationship is not worth it if you do not even try to communicate. For intimate couples especially, too many expectations will turn your relationship bad, so you need to practice good communication or your time with t...

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...ely on these electronics to do everything for us, generations from now people more than like won’t know what real connections are. Text messaging is the downfall of many intimate relationships because it has so many flaws. You can send a message and intend for it to mean one thing, but when it arrives to its recipient it can take on a whole new definition. Text messaging you feelings is not always clear.

Healthy relationships involve many key components, but the most important are communication, trust, honest and emotional commitment. There is no way you can squeeze all of these variables into a text- based relationship. In order to keep a relationship strong we need to put down the phones with the QWERTY keyboards and lend a ear, sometimes a mouth, to really relate to the person we are in a committed relationship with. Be in love with a person, not a phone screen.

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