Are Cell Phones a Harmful Distraction to Society

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Are cell phones a harmful distraction to society? With advances in technology today, the demand for better cell phones is skyrocketing. With new technological advancements happening everyday with cell phones, people are starting to depend on a cell phone for everyday task. Although cell phones allow the user to contact friends or family with the touch of a button and allows them to play games in times of boredom. As a result of everyday use, cell phones have affected relationships, the brain, and health. Social relationships are essential for one to function properly within today’s society. Cell phones have affected social relationships by changing them from social conduct to contacting someone through a text message. “ Research in human interaction using communication technology like text messages and phone calls could deepen an understanding on how society manages their everyday life” (Rippen). Cell phones have become such a necessity in everyday life that cell phone users rely on a device to manage their everyday social relationships. Cell phone users can manage their social relationships with the touch of a screen. The user can access facebook, send a tweet, send an email, text, or call anyone anywhere in the world. As of lately cell phone users seem to be driven by their own need to be connected to anyone with in seconds. Some people find it overwhelming when it comes to manage their social relationships and have issues when confronted with human contact. Cell phone users feel as though they can say almost anything they want too because it gives them a sense of power. Cyberbullying is a major issue that has become popular between teenagers. Behavior tends to change when teenagers feel they can hide behind a cell phone;... ... middle of paper ... cell phones take complete control over their lives. Once a cell phone addiction is formed it can be hard to break and can become a real problem in day to day life for the owner. Works Cited Childs, Dan. “7 Surprising Ways Cell Phones Affect Your Health.” ABC News. 9 Mar, 2009. Web. 14 Feb, 2014. Gazzaley, Adam. :How Mobile Tech can Influence our Brain.” CNN. 23 Sept, 2012. Web. 14 Feb, 2014. Glaser, Mark. “How Cell Phones are Killing Face-to-Face Interactions.” Pbs. 22 Oct, 2007. Web. 14 Feb, 2014. Jerpi, Laura. “Mobile Phones and Society- How being Constantly Connected Impacts Our Lives.” South University. June, 2013. Web. 14 Feb, 2014. Phillips, Suzanne. “Teens Sleeping with Cell Phones: A Clear and Present Danger.” Pbs. 2009. Web. 14 Feb, 2014. Rippin, Hannah. “The Mobile Phone in Everyday Life.” Fast Capitalism. 2005. Web. 14 Feb, 2014.
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