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Previous to the Somalia civil war the Somalia National Police had 15,000 officers and a well-
deserved reputation for professionalism, fairness, and clan neutrality. The SNP fell to the scope
of Somalia’s martial factions and increasing violence in Mogadishu. Even with a Defense
Department contribution of 353 vehicles, 5,000 M-16 rifles, 5,000 pistols, uniforms, equipment,
and U.S. money for police salaries. The Current struggle to establish, properly train and equip a
federal police force in the Afghanistan Theater of operations and lessons learned in establishing a
functional Iraq police Force indicate that a preliminary assessments of current Somalia law
enforcement capability is essential to U.S. planning and objectives in the area.

Traditionally U.S. military forces have been ineffective or reluctant to perform police functions
to control large-scale civil unrest. Military Support of Stability, Security, Transition, and
Reconstruction, Defense Department Directive 3000.05 of September 16, 2009, states that
proper planning and execution of the post-combat phase of operations is essential to victory
and the rapid withdrawal of U.S. forces.

It instructs the U.S. military to Integrate stability operations tasks and considerations into their
Theater Campaign Plans, theater strategies, and applicable Department of Defense directed
plans. Align DoD theater strategies and plans with complementary stability operations-related
capabilities, strategies, and plans of other U.S. Government agencies, foreign government and
security forces, and the private sector, as they mature and capacity increases.

So far, training for the Somalia Police has been an international effort. Training is
sponsored b...

... middle of paper ..., undermined popular support for a military intervention and
endan¬gered the success of the mission. From U.S. experience, developing an effective
police organization and training a police force is resource-intensive and take years under
ideal conditions. The police force in Somalia is in an emerging state with the support of
several international organizations providing technical and monetary support through several
different channels and at varying levels.

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Somalia Report 2012

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