Solar And Wind Energy Systems Essay

Solar And Wind Energy Systems Essay

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I wish to pursue MS on Sustainable Energy Systems at Maladalen University and my preferred area of study is “Solar and Wind energy systems”. I always have had a fascination for Science and Technology. During my undergraduate study, I understood that we require advance information for enhancing limit and quality of renewable energy system. Moreover, the powerful and proficient utilization of renewable energies in Bangladesh can give an extensive number of rustic family units with reasonable electric generation for low wage strata, milling, small enterprise and other needs. Such renewable systems have coordinated local environment benefits as far as substituting for existing diesel-based power generation, diminishing the discharge of noxious gasses and other harmful chemicals, decrease in the broad utilization of fuel-wood and lamp oil for family cooking, warming and lighting, lessening of deforestation and degradation of natural habitats of rare plants and animal species. Furthermore, Bangladesh is confronting the most exceedingly awful energy crisis regardless of colossal possibilities. However, these accessible open doors for sun-powered, wind, and environmentally-benign hydro power resources, as well as existing energy saving possibilities have not been utilized so far. On top of that, my nation is lingering admirably behind in the field of renewable energy. Therefore, keeping my interest and today 's field demand in mind, I have chosen to apply for postgraduate studies with a specific end goal to expand my insight in the field of sustainable energy systems. Moreover, by applying to the MSc sustainable energy systems, I am meaning to upgrade my insight of sustainable energy systems and sustainable energy policy. Last but not the...

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...lities. I always discussed the issues raised by them with great care. Furthermore, I am also an active member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE). I achieved Merit Scholarship based on Academic Performance at Independent University, Bangladesh. I achieved academic distinction and was placed on Dean’s list, Dean’s merit list, Vice Chancellor’s list at Independent University. I worked as a Technical Monitor for the Live-in-field Experience(LFE) -jointly organized by Independent University, Bangladesh and Rural Development Academy(RDA), Bogra, Bangladesh.

I hope my academic and other performance will meet your requirement. I will be honored if I get selected for MS in Sustainable Energy Systems at Maladalen University. Last but not the least, I will contribute to the best of my ability and I ask for you to kindly consider my application.

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