Renewable Energy: The Way of the Future

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Renewable Energy: The Way of The Future Pollution and global warming are at the forefront of every ecologist and environmentalist minds these days. In addition, many nations across the globe have taken necessary steps in order to reduce their own carbon footprint on this planet. One of those possible measures is using a cleaner source of energy supply, rather than relying on fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas. These forms to energy are called renewable because unlike fossil fuels, the have an endless supply. Some of those include solar energy, wind energy, hydro-electrical energy, and finally nuclear energy. These are just some cleaner ways of energy production that we can use in order to reduce our pollution. In this paper I will discuss the following options in greater detail. I will point out what exactly each one is, the process of production into useable energy, as well as the pros and cons to each energy source. To begin, we will take a look at solar energy. Solar energy is exactly what is it, energy that comes from the sun. Solar energy is a process in which solar rays or the heat that the sun gives off is collected by solar panels made up off cells called photovoltaic (Toothman). These cells are made of silicon in its crystalline form and other semi conductive materials combined with it. When the sun light hits the silicon, the heat causes the electrons in the material to start moving freely. Then an electric field causes these electrons to move in a form of a current. By conducting that current we can siphon the electricity off into batteries, and store the energy made. There several advantages and disadvantages to this form of renewable energy. Let’s start with the advantages. The first is that no pollutio... ... middle of paper ... ...nd cons. Retrieved from Nuclear fission vs. nuclear fusion. (n.d.). Retrieved from Solar power – sustainable green energy to protect our economy and environment: (n.d.). Retrieved from–-sustainable-green-energy-to-protect-our-economy-and-environment/ Toothman, J. (n.d.). How solar cells work. Retrieved from United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Hydroelectricity. 2013. Web. . What are the benefits of nuclear power? (n.d.). Retrieved from