Argumentative Essay On Solar Power

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Historical Backgrounds
The history of solar power reaches back in time, way back in time, you would think that solar power is a relatively new concept but it’s been used for a long time now. It is definitely not new by any stretch of the imagination. As early as 7 BC the suns energy was being used, ancient people would try to face the south side in order to get the warmth as possible from the sun's rays. These are just a few ways that solar power was explored and harvested by our ancient ancestors. The Greek and Romans used solar designs. Just like the ancient people they created buildings facing the south or better side to get the sun’s rays to collect power.
Horace de Saussure was a Swiss scientist that was accredited for building the world first solar collector which then made the solar panel, a huge step in the solar energy history. In 1912 Albert Einstein has explained the photoelectric effect, it was the discovery of when light shines on a metal surface it produces electrons it then discharges and carry’s waves of energy, thus making energy from the solar cells. History has come a long way, from the sun heating water to creating electricity for homes.
Opposing Argument
Some say that solar panels can be very costly. Even though the sun is a free resource the cost to building it is expensive. Solar power is only effective during daytime, but the demand for the energy, it is continuous...

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...e we start to run out of resources we would think about switching to solar energy and wind power instead of gases and coal to fuel our everyday necessities.
From the early times of human beings, trying to find ways to harness the suns energy for their daily lives , we have come long ways since the first solar panels now we have other ways to create energy but those aren’t safe they’re dangerous and hazardous to the environment. The future begins with change and we can’t do that if we’re still doing the same things to, burning fossil fuels and power plants are the main sources of today’s pollution. Solar panels are a great thing for this time in age, harnessing the sun’s rays for energy pollutant free air.
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