Essay about Social Media, Religion, And Politics

Essay about Social Media, Religion, And Politics

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The Social Media, Religion, and Politics
Social Media a medium with no borders or bounders. It is a weapon that can either make or break a person, country, or nation. Social Media has been part of our society since the rising 20th century and has changed the way we view the world. It is like a new religion that people have started to believe in blindly. This is no difference than the times of the ancient periods, where the people were so blinded by their views, and Knowledge that they could not get pass the idea that there could be something else besides this. Just like religion created mob ruling similar this is what Social Media is doing in our life time. In this we see that Social Media is very powerful and has almost similar effects on human behavior as religion and politics does.
To get a better understanding of Social Media we have to look at what is Social Media, the negative and positive effects. Social Media is a way to connect billions of people without any cost of energy or time. The increasing popularity of sites like Twitter, Facebook and many more social sites have gained the attention of the world. Social sites have opened the opportunities for all the audiences to practice free speech and press. Social Media has removed all the communication barriers and is now a way for people from all over the world to communicate without any problems. Just like religion it has united people on a huge platform to achieve specific objectives which has brought very positive changes to society.
Just like any religion Social Media also has many negative effects which lead to addiction. Spending countless hours distracting the focus and attention from life. Social Media is so powerful that it affects our mood and motivation levels...

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...or form. Politics have been a part of our world since the beginning of time which is one of the oldest profession. Ever since the rising twenty century social media has made it easier and more assessable for the younger generation to follow and really know the politicians.
Recently in our generation social media was the key to the success of the political figures. 8 years ago president Obama started the trend of connecting with the young through Facebook and then Twitter. Currently we have had the most use of Twitter and Facebook in the history of our politics probable used more than religion based topics. In recent race for the office we have seen an outburst use of social media and all candidates are using it to the fullest to get the young involved. Not only has social media been affective, it has been the low cost solution to get involved to impact the campaign.

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