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Social Media Marketing Essay

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Social media marketing

The form of marketing that provides a global-scale interaction between the business and its stakeholders and customers through the virtual networks and communities, is called social media marketing. With the help of social technologies nowadays, the information is spread without boundaries and the content constraints. People want to share and exchange their experience and knowledge online, which marketers see as an outstanding opportunity to build relationships with their consumers and to increase awareness about their businesses to the larger scale. Still there are the opponents who see the considerable disadvantages of this new platform for marketing. These disadvantages are: time-consumption, invasion into privacy and the risk of criticism.
In my opinion, even though the social media marketing may have some reasonable mishapes, companies should use it, because with a deliberate marketing plan it brings a bunch of benefits for both the brand and its consumers.

First of all, among the drawbacks for the company, there is its time consumption. To execute various consistent social media programmes and keep people interested all the time can be difficult. Also, spending much productive time on it, marketer risks, as there is no the only one tool that can measure its effectiveness (Sharma, 2013). However, such an argument is not conclusive enough. Even taking a lot of time and efforts, social media marketing has a huge advantage – low cost of entry, which is especially the benefit for the small businesses. The book of Dave Evans, called 'Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement', was praised as a 'practical approach for leaders who want to harness the power of social media to cost-eff...

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