Social Media And Its Effects On Youth

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Social Network and Its Effects on Youth It is undeniable that social media has become a part of our everyday life. From the moment we wake up to the last minute before we sleep; we go to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites to check updates, watch videos, and connect with other people who are online. Lately, social media had gained an outstanding growth and popularity among Millennials. This affected the way teens communicate and how their social and physical behavior develops. Introverts place too much emphasis on virtual interactions and ignore the outside world but some try and connect to other people in real life instead of going online and talk to “friends”. There are both positive and negative contribution social media gives and it is up to us how to use it properly. Social media has a lot of great perks. It expands our communication within our reach. We can talk to people that are from across the globe from where we are at and it makes it easier to talk to whoever we wish. It lets us express our emotions by saying our opinions on certain issues that we want to get involved in. For example, most of us scroll through Facebook to get updates about what is happening around us, especially about the environment and this upcoming political election. Sharing our thoughts and opinions online gives us the freedom of speech, we cannot express in person. Facebook has become one of the world 's most successful companies today and they are using their power to help others. With the technologies they are building like the first solar activated drone that can fly for days can now reach remote places who does not have much access to the outside world. The drone will give them free internet so that they can at least communicate or... ... middle of paper ... ...ow. Everyone rely on using social media whether it is for socializing, business, politics, or even just to get updates. The only thing we need now is to have the ability of incorporating it to our lives and use it in a positive way. The power it possess can change anyones life in an instant so we must put it into a good use. Some think that they are using it to make the world a better place but not. For example are hackers who always try and expose companies, celebrities, and even our own government. Sometimes we just need to learn the boundaries between good and evil doings. Social media has drastically changed our society as a whole either if it 's for the best or not. Us users just need to maintain a balance between the online community and the real world. We must put a barrier between a computer screen so that our minds will not get consumed by the internet.
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