Essay on Social Media And Divided The Society

Essay on Social Media And Divided The Society

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Social Media and Divided the Society
Because people are less communicating with each other, they try to find a good community that they want or hope on the internet. Today everyone commutates by social media. There are some people who are into social media more than others. This point was being claimed in the article “Students Addicted to Social Media”. Also, there is a divorced society in social media. That divorced was identified by social media users to describe other users on another social media site. That what Danah Boyd discussed in his article “Implications of User Choice: The Cultural Logic of “MySpace or Facebook?”. However, some people are into social media more than others that might be based on their economic and social level and they identify other people based on which site they are in, but that is not enough for their judgment.
Some people are into social media more than others that may be because of their worth. In “Students Addicted to Social Media” article, most the students who had included in the study are from families with good house-hold income. “44.1 percent of the class reported that their parents or guardians earned over $100,000 or more; 28.3 percent reported that their parents or guardians earned between $75-$100,000; 22 percent reported coming from a house-hold with an income between $50-$75,000; and 5.5 percent reported that their families’ income was between $25-50,000” (404). This proves the highest percentage is people to are worthy. Rich people can afford technology material like laptops and smartphones which allowed they to existed to the internet easily. For that reason, they might be the most users in social media. Also, they most likely to be the one who identifies other users by their worth...

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...cebook; I’m a MySpace guy. I have a Facebook and I have some friends on it, but most of my friends don’t check it that often so I don’t check it that often” (Boyd,411). This shows that Kevin decided to be on MySpace because it is easier to him to communicate with his friends, not because of his economic and education level. There are different reasons to choose which social media application people like to join.
Today social media became the popular way to communicate. There are a lot of people use social media to contact with each other. However, there are some people who are into social media more than others. The reason for that might be based on their worth. Those people may be the one who creates the divorced in social media and identifies other users with their community, socioeconomic situation and education based on which social media sites they are active in.

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