Essay about Social Interaction And Social Structure

Essay about Social Interaction And Social Structure

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One topic I enjoyed in this class was social interaction and social structure. Social interaction is how we interact with others in the world. Social structure is our status in the world. The one thing that stood out to me was the three different statuses. Ascribed status is a part of us, something that will never go away. My ascribed status is that I am an African American woman. Achieved status is the things we accomplish in life and put effort into. These are the things we freely do. My achieved status would be when I was in High School and I volunteered to mentor small kids at an elementary school. Also when I help my Aunt every year with grading her papers and helping her teach at her school. Master status is the status that makes up your life style. My master status is being a full time college student while working at Gap Outlet part time. I never really knew that everything we do has a status behind it.
Another topic I enjoyed was socialization which is the process of interacting with others while creating our self-identity. One component is our self-concept, or who we think we are. I see myself as being someone with a good heart who always makes sure others are good. I’m willing to do anything I can to help others out. Another part of us is our self-esteem, or what we think we are worth. When I was younger I had low self-esteem because I am an only child so the people I hang out with mostly are friends. I had this feeling that I just had to have everyone as a friend and had to be liked by everyone. As I grew up I learned that not everyone is going to like you so I had to work on myself to build my self-esteem. This section helped me learn how we determine our self-identity and self-esteem.
I also liked when we talked a...

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In my opinion I put a lot of effort into this class. There was never a day were I missed class. Being there for every lecture and activity really helps a lot. If I were to give myself a grade over attendance and overall participation it would be a B. The reason why I would give myself a B is because I put work and effort to pass this class. Although, I feel like I could have done more to succeed and get an A. My grade would help an overall class participation grade. Everyone in this class had their fair share of input into the class. I really enjoyed being in this class and it help me to learn that there is more to think about in everyday life. It was really entertaining to hear everyone’s stories about their life and family. Overall this class was worth taking even though it’s not required for my major because it helped me learn more about myself and the world.

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