Identity In Tim Bowling's 'Late For The Doubleheader'

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What the texts suggest about the relationship between how an individual sees themselves vs how the individual is seen by others, is through the concept of identity. An individual’s identity is shaped by many factors: life experiences, memories, personality, talents, relationships and many more. The first example comes from Tim Bowling’s poem Late for the Doubleheader, 1970. The narrator explains how he is always in the shadow of his older brother who, “climbed out of the goodness of his heart” to save a starling that had gotten stuck in a tree. The narrator feels that it’s hard to live up to his brother and come out from behind his shadow. His brother is brave, instinctive, and comfortable with who he is: “My older brother’s hair hung long and ragged as a …show more content…

It was after I had lost someone in my life that was my other half. I didn’t understand who I was, what my purpose was, what made me who I am. As far as I was concerned I was reduced to nothing more than an individual that was now alone. I didn’t realize that my identity was partly crafted from simply just being by their side all the time, that whenever I was introduced to someone, or was talking to mutuals about them, I was known for being their best friend. After the fiasco that became the end of our relationship, I felt as if I was just floating through the days and nights. This feeling went on for about 2 months until I slowly came out of it. I didn’t experience a grand epiphany of any sort that inspired me to change myself. I was painting and listening to music and the thought just slowly came to me. I love to paint, and I love listening to and creating and playing music. I began to gain back my sense of identity by engaging in activities I loved. I’m a painter, a musician, a writer, a passionate lover of movies. I’ve learned that identity can isn’t set in stone, there’s always room for

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