What Does External Factors Affects Our Sense Of Self And Happiness?

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From society to family to media, external influences never seem to disappear from everyday life. These outward forces tend to leave a lasting impression on us for as long as we live. Because they are so prevalent in our daily lives, exterior factors will have a significant influence on us, specifically our sense of self and happiness. When defining our sense of self, it eventually comes down to how we interpret our individual self-image. In most cases, we do not truly know who we are from our own mindset. Therefore, we take into account the reactions that those around us have an influence on our actions and decisions. From these external effects, we create the persona of who we are. In his article, Immune to Reality, Daniel Gilbert explains…show more content…
We believe that once we find our true “self,” we will attain happiness. In his article Thurman states, “[k]nowing something is a way of controlling it, being able to put it in its proper place in relation to us so that we can use it effectively” (Thurman 446). When a dominant party controls our impressions by means of peer pressure, we alter how we define ourselves in regards to the commanding group. Therefore, our sense of self is significantly affected by the peer pressure of external influences creating a lack of happiness. In addition to peer pressure from exterior factors, conformity contributes to the idea of self-validation and contentment. Conformity revolves around the concept of matching behaviors, ideologies, and decisions to those of a certain group. Individuals, such as us, want to fit in with the majority. Therefore, we alter ourselves by conforming to be accepted in a group. After we are accepted into the group, we attain positive self-validation. This constructs the foundation for what Johnson describes in his article when he explains complex systems. (INSERT JOHNSON SHIT HERE) Conformity leads us to be accepted into groups. From there, we look at ourselves in a more positive manner because we are validated by our peers. Outward entities make us feel valuable because with conformity, external influences significantly affect our sense of self and how we pertain to
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