Social Construction Of The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People

Social Construction Of The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People

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Rachel Dolezal was head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) division in Spokane, Washington, from 2014 until June 15, 2015, when she stepped down because of claims that she had told lies about her racial identity and additional details of her life. She drew the press’s scrutiny when her caucasian mother and father said publicly that Dolezal was a caucasian female being taken as black. Dolezal’s situation brings to light issues regarding the social construction of race, racial hierarchy, racialization, and the creation of ethnic identity.
The social construction of race is when classifications relating to race unfold, appear and are influenced through public socialization and then, successively, they help restrict public socialization (Module 4 eText). This is exemplified in the article “The incentives made her do it; Rachel Dolezal’s black identity isn’t a shock to anyone who understands activist culture”, which says, “It should not surprise us, then, when an individual chooses to create a different racial identity for herself.” The author is arguing that since liberals maintain that the different demographic classifications we are put into are purely social constructs, Dolezal clearly was convinced by the beliefs of her academic ways a bit too much. Dolezal embodies the social construction of race in the way that she has made herself look like a black woman because of her extreme involvement with black people and her insistence of her identification as black.
Racial hierarchy is a “construction” in the sense that it indicates not impartial truth regarding racial types and connections among racial types but a creation from the judgements of individuals and civilizations that are controlling ...

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...r own ethnic identity is questionable. The way to whiteness is very limited, so it seems that race-related identity cannot be flexible. Dolezal obviously thought she could manipulate her own race to find her acceptance among her community.
The social construction of race, racial hierarchy, racialization, and the creation of ethnic identity are all fragments of Rachel Dolezal’s circumstances regarding her identity as black. While many will say that race is something the public makes up and it is malleable, Dolezal’s actions are controversial as she darkened her skin and changed her hair to fit the conventional image of a black woman. Dolezal herself said, “I would definitely consider myself to be black”, which begs the question of whether we can consider ourselves different races than what we are born as, and to what extent we can change to fit the racial stereotypes.

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