Race Gender And Sexuality Essay

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A Better Understanding: Race, Gender, and Sexuality
1. Reflecting directly on the cultural attitudes and sociocultural messages explained throughout this course, it is clear that race, gender, and sexuality are all socially constructed in one way or another. Contrary to popular belief, race is actually almost completely socially constructed, it is not biological. Further, a human’s DNA does not differentiate at all to create any specific race. However, society has categorized certain things, such as skin color, to determine the race of individuals. In simpler terms, there are not specific genes that parents pass on to their offspring that determine their race; society categorizes people into specific races when they are born based on their
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In reality, gender is not based on one’s genetic make-up or their reproductive organs. Expanding on this, an individual does not have any control over their assigned gender, but everyone has a gender identity, which is one’s internal sense of being male or female. From a sociocultural perspective, gender roles have the greatest influence on gender as a social construction. Gender roles are the attitudes, behaviors, rights, and responsibilities that particular cultural groups associate with each sex. In regards to gender, the social construction theory acknowledges the connection the topic has with power and meaning, and states that social interaction, or “language” controls how these things are portrayed to individuals. Similarly, sexuality is socially constructed in a sense that, one’s sexual orientation depends on what they are taught to be “socially acceptable”. For example, a person who is raised by homophobic parents would most likely be taught that every aspect of homosexuality is wrong, and therefore they would be influenced to be heterosexual. While many would like to believe that people are born with their sexual orientation, that is far from the truth. All in all, when looking at the big picture, it is clear that race, gender,…show more content…
Coming into this course, I had little to no familiarity with the social construction theory and its relation to race, gender, and sexuality. Over the past eight weeks, my mind has opened up in many different ways. Now looking at race, gender, and sexuality as social constructions I have a great understanding as to how much society plays a role in shaping the lives of countless individuals. Looking back, I believe that my life has been heavily impacted by social construction, both within my family and also my peers. However, looking at things from a new perspective, I am confident that I now have more control over what societal factors I choose to let influence my life. If there is one thing that I have learned throughout this course, it is to be skeptical; don’t always “go with the flow”, it’s natural to question things. In the end, society always influences people as much as they allow it
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