Essay on SMART Goals for Yourself

Essay on SMART Goals for Yourself

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One of the best ways to follow a successful path is to set goals for yourself. They are important to keep yourself on task and to get to a desired point of self fulfillment. The issue can be how to achieve goals in a successful manner. The issue is "Although people may desire or intend to attain some outcome, they are not committed to that as a goal until they are willing to invest affect, cognition, and behavior in attaining it" (Traci Mann, 2013). This is why it is important to have a set path on how to accomplish important goals. I have chosen three goals that I want to accomplish to demonstrate a Process known as SMART, to help accomplish them. There goals are that I want to finally earn a college degree(personal), I want to make it into the honor society while earning my degree(academic), and I want to earn my degree in order to contribute to Autism research(professional). All of these goals range in the amount of time it will take to accomplish them. Some are long term, but I can still use the SMART goal process in order to achieve them. The SMART steps to follow are:
Time bound
Starting with my academic goal of making it into the Honor Society, the first step of accomplishing this using the SMART system would be to specify my exact goal. For me, I feel it will be the earn an A in the 6 classes that I take. The next step for this goal would be to make it measurable. This would be done be checking my progress every week, in each class I take to make sure that I am making acceptable grades in order to obtain the A, in the class. Next would be to make sure this goal is achievable/attainable. In order to make this goal attainable, I need to make sure that I am setting ...

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... are strong in achieving goals.
I have a lot of confidence in succeeding in both my small and large goals, especially after learning how much my personality traits are inclined with my current major and my career goals. The personality tests I have taken confirmed to me that I have found a career path that I truly enjoy and that I know I will be able to succeed in. After struggling the first time I attended college, in major I was not suited for, I failed. Now that I have taken on a major that I deeply care about, the work load does not seem as overwhelming. It proves that when you care about something, it is much easier to continue and succeed. Now that I not only have a strong desire to accomplish my goals, but also a strong action plan to achieve them, I feel that there is nothing holding me back from achieving even the biggest goals I have for myself.

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