My Personal Goals

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Growing up, goals change dramatically. A five-year olds goal is to get the coloring page done. As people go through school, goals obviously change. A freshman’s goal may be to learn the school so he or she doesn’t get lost. Senior’s goals grow to finding where they will spend the next four years or what kind of career they will grow upon. Then, of course goals continue to change as people get older and enter into different stages of life. In this essay, I am going to talk about how my goals in different aspects of my life and how they have transformed, what they are currently, and what they may turn into in the future.

Personal Goals The main personal goal I have is to be healthy. I know that this is a very large goal, but it is one I have worked on since I started college two years ago. I definitely have changed my health habits since then. I have always gotten plenty of rest and I make sure to keep that as my priority. However, I didn’t eat healthy or exercise on a regular basis besides sports in high school. These were never priorities to me previously, until I
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However, my sophomore year of college, I was at DePauw University in a pre-medical fraternity. I went to a conference in Orlando for my fraternity and I listened to a speaker who went to law school and found out he absolutely hated being a lawyer. He had no time with his family, he was overloaded with work, and he was missing out on a great deal of his home life. I got to thinking about my goals and realized I had been too involved in my goals of being a doctor to think of the rest of my future. Family is important to me. I want to go to my kid’s games and be able to have dinner with them every night, even if that means I won’t make as big of a check. I talked to my pre-medical advisor about my concerns and she suggested that I should look into the route of being a nurse or physician
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