Essay on Sir Robert Peel And The Broken Window Theory

Essay on Sir Robert Peel And The Broken Window Theory

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Sir Robert Peel was known as one of the most influential men in modern law enforcement. He became a father figure in the history law enforcement from establishing the London Metropolitan Police Force in 1826. His constables, known as, Bobbies became considerable effective in crime prevention with The Nine Principles of Sir Robert Peel also, known as The Peelian Principles. Sir Robert Peel principles are some of the fundamental basis of modern law enforcement today. The basis of the Peel’s principles can be seen in today’s era of the broken windows theory.

Where did the broken window theory come from? Broken windows theory was derived out of the political uproar with the civil rights movement in the 1960s (Lombardo, 2007). The people were rioting and protesting racial injustices. At this time the police was viewed as a symbol of public authority and thus great criticism toward them. In 1967 the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice recommended that the police should become more adaptive to the changing times (Lombardo, 2007). During this period the social structure was one huge racial slur and that the police needed to “fix” their relations with the public that traditional police placing them in. The first solution to fix the problem was the idea of team policing. An idea that was to help mend the relationship with of police and the community by assigning a partial geographical area to a police officer. This idea soon was abandoned due to the strain it had on police management. Soon after, the idea of community policing came to pass.

Community policing was the idea that local law enforcement and the community had to work together as partners (Lombardo, 2007). The goal of community policing ...

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...founded on the bases that visible decay of a community contributed in a cause and effect path to violent crime (Wilson, 1982), and when more fool patrol officers were seen in a giving community the citizens felt a sense of safety.

Today there is no doubt that the research done for community policing was important. The research allowed actual data and observation to be done. Leading to the broken windows theory to sweep and take over the nation. Giving a better understanding of how the police and the community function together as a whole. There is still much conservers over rather community policing and the application of the broken windows theory is effective. Howver, in the words of Robert M. Lombardo, of Loyola University Chicago, “Just because the police and public identified new problems did not mean that there would be easy solutions to them” (Fridell, 2004).

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