Should Sex Before Marriage Negatively Affect The Relationship? Essay

Should Sex Before Marriage Negatively Affect The Relationship? Essay

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Sex before marriage is frequently an unstable subject. In any case, I feel that sex before marriage is a critical subject that is not raised and discussed enough. There are various perspectives conveyed to the table when discussing this specific subject. The principles of society are continually evolving. One indication of this change is that nowadays many young adults seem to be interested in premarital sex. Despite the fact that I have heard numerous great arguments from individuals both pro and against sex before marriage, I have yet to change my stance on this matter. In my opinion, having sexual intercourse before getting married is absolutely a bad tendency in our society however I think it’s still acceptable in society.
In today’s society women are not held to that same standard as men are with regards to engaging in sexual activities. I strongly agree that engaging in sex relations before marriage negatively affects the relationship. We should all know that sex is a very strong emotional act, whether you have good intentions or bad, it can influence the way a single human being thinks and acts around other individuals. Despite the fact that, it is very common to lose your virginity before marriage. Numerous who have had their sex before marriage express sentiments of blame, humiliation, absence of regard, and low self esteem. Having premarital sex is not the most ideal approach to express your love for somebody its other ways you can express it. Having sex can lead to some life changing situations such as undesirable pregnancy or sexual transmitted diseases. Despite the emotional and physical damage, spiritually it can damage our relationship with God, our body is a sanctuary we should treasure and take care of. In the Bi...

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...n account of I am not a virgin myself. I don’t regret losing my virginity because I still value myself and who I choose to give myself up. That doesn’t lower my chances of finding my fairytale husband because if God blesses with one anything I did before him wouldn’t matter because he would accept all my flaws the same way I would accept his. On the contradicting side of the argument I do realize that holding up until marriage is the best thing to do and it keeps away from a great deal of outcomes, for example, as heart breaks, sexual transmitted diseases, and unexpected pregnancies. Therefore, I am exceptionally receptive to both sides of the argument and I respect each one of them and regard them both similarly in light of the fact that I can identify with both sides because of my own convictions and from a reflection on the choices I made in my high school years.

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