Should Animals Be Used For Medical Purposes? Essay

Should Animals Be Used For Medical Purposes? Essay

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Animals benefit humans many ways; food sources, entertainment, and cosmetic testing are all examples,one of the most important is through medical research and experimenting. In the past dogs have aided to our discovery of insulin, monkeys have helped us find the vaccine for polio, and mice have helped us discover the vaccine for rabies. Today pigs are used in some cases for skin grafts for burn victims. But should have we done this and should we continue? Although these advancements in medicine by use of animals has benefited humans, many people still oppose the use of animals for these purposes. A great deal of these people argue it is morally wrong for animals to be used for medical purposes because it often causes pain, shortened life spans, and emotional distress .”For nearly a century, drug and chemical safety assessments have been based on laboratory testing involving rodents, rabbits, dogs, and other animals. Aside from the ethical issues they pose—inflicting both physical pain as well as psychological distress and suffering on large numbers of sentient creatures—animal tests are time- and resource-intensive, restrictive in the number of substances that can be tested, provide little understanding of how chemicals behave in the body, and in many cases do not correctly predict real-world human reactions.” (Human society International). In addition, those who argue against the use of animals for medical purposes also claim animals are not a reliable representation of the human body.
Those opposed to animal testing for medical reasons claim there is substantial evidence to show medical results tested on animals cannot accurately be applied to humans. Professor James Hickman of engineering, biomolecular science, and chemis...

... middle of paper ...

...animals should and should not be used, but who is right?
To determine rather or not it is ethical to use animals for medical use we must ask one important question, do the ends justify the means? When we take account both sides of the animals used in medicine argument we see that animals sometimes experience pain and the results are not always useful or effective. Although this may be true and it may be unethical to some, in the end , the use of animals in medicine can save and has saved millions of human lives, and without it we would not be where we are in medicine today. It is important to try to avoid the unnecessary endangerment or pain of animals for useless reasons, as seen by both advocates for and against animal use in medicine. But in the end when both perspectives are taken into account , it is justifiable to use animals for medical purposes.

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