Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned?

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Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned In the twenty first century, we have so many other alternatives besides continuing to burn, shock, poison, starve, and kill over 100 million animals to test new household products and medicines when it has been proved that animal testing is an ineffective way to cure illnesses and improve human life. Animals do not suffer the same illnesses as humans do and injecting them into animals and studying the effects delays our time to further understand the sickness on an actual human. Seeing that an animals’ genetic makeup is much different from a humans then certain medicines that work on animals more often than not are not effective on humans. Therefore, results are often very misleading. “Animals are fed harmful substances, infected with lethal viruses, subjected to brain damage, heart attacks, strokes, and cancers”(“What’s Wrong With…”). Through a humane perspective, the murder of millions of animals is a disturbing thought to hold. As a country, we continue to remain oblivious to what continues to go on behind laboratory doors for cosmetic, medical, and industrial purposes. “If it is wrong to inflict pain on a human being, it is just as wrong to inflict pain on an animal”(Andre and Velasquez). Across the United States, lab animals only know a life locked inside cold bare cages only to be released for the sake of science and not knowing what they will endure in the process of a future experiment. In fact, the trauma that experiments cause, influence the overall result of the product on the animal. “The distress that laboratory animals are forced to endure has been proven to cause unpredictable changes in neurochemistry, genetic expression and nerve regeneration, leading to unreliable and ineffect... ... middle of paper ... ...ates alone. Experimental animals will never get to experience a life outside of a lonely cage and will continue to be forcefully held down for testing purposes. When scientists and companies already know what brands are and are not safe for public use, especially cosmetic companies. It is ridiculous to manufacture new products with unknown chemicals when it is already known what is dependable and harmless for human consumption. Medically animals are not a reliable ‘model’ because the genetic makeup of a human and animal is so far from identical. There are so many other alternatives that do not involve taking innocent lives of harmless animals, such as “In-Vitro’ and “Organs on a Chip”. Animals do no harm to us and we have no right to go killing millions of animals for experiments and tests. They are not toys, they are living creatures who deserve our respect.

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