Essay about The Shot Heard Around The World

Essay about The Shot Heard Around The World

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“The shot heard around the world” (Gross 126), is the event that begins the American Revolution in Concord. Tension between England and the Colonies were mounting, due to taxes imposed by England. Although there was already strains within the colonies because of lack of land and resources. The implementation of taxes from England was the final issue that drove colonist to revolt against England. While some scholars of history only focus on the literal facts of history, other scholars such as, Robert A. Gross, who wrote The Minutemen and Their World focus on the sociology. Gross reconstructs the history of the revolution through the lives of the residents of Concord and the surrounding areas. He does a great job at showing the stress of life in the colonies along with the issues of people before, during and after the Revolution. I have chosen four individuals from Gross’ book to elaborate their life and how the Revolution affected them. In first person, I will write about the experiences of Purchase Brown, Ezekiel Brown, Thomas Dugan, and Lucy Hosmer in letters to the King.
Dear King,
My name is Purchase Brown and I am serving in the militia at the hand of my father, Captain David Brown. My ancestors before me where blessed enough to have the security of land and wealth. However, though time and the wills of people our land has been split up so many times that I doubt I will have land of my own. I have to look west towards new land because “the incentives to stay in Concord were modest at best, and meager by most expectations.” (Gross 85). Like many from my generation Concord is becoming congested and without enough land to go towards young men. This caused a “conflict at home was even more threatening the contention in the commun...

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...oss 186) During John Jack’s time, “slaves were a badge of status,” (Gross 95) but if they worked hard enough they could buy their freedom to become no voting members of society, and still not as respected as whites. “John Jack, after all, had to buy a freedom that was a birthright of every white man in town.” (Gross 96) So I don’t know why these people went to war against you for their freedom, but the don’t view everyone in this land free.
I have been to Jack’s burial site and his read his grave, and wonder where would us blacks be if you won during the revolution. The Tory, people that supported your cause during the revolution wrote, “Tho’ born in a land of slavery, He was born free. Tho’ he lived in a land of liberty, He lived a slave.” (Gross 97) When I read this, I interpret it as a call to end the horrors of slavery and that all men should be treated justly.

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