Compare And Contrast The American Revolution And The French Revolution

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A revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. In 1775, America was ready for dramatic change, freedom, and a disconnection with Great Britain. Taxes, trade regulations, and overarchingly, power, made all colonists, aside from the loyalists, more than ready to detach from Great Britain 's rule. The American Revolution portrays many similarities and qualities of the French revolution, due to the inspiration of one to another. The similarities and qualities lie within their down spiraling economies, selfish, money wealth-thirsty leaders, ideologies, and provocation. The American Revolution began due to problems within the British economy. The most prevalent issue of the time was "taxation without Unlike the leaders of America, the leaders of the French did not turn out to be as positive for the country. In fact, some of these leaders caused much more harm than good. These leaders taught the French people more about what type of government would be the best option for them. One of the most radical, and extreme leaders was Maximilien Robespierre. The duration of his dictatorship was known as "Reign of Terror." He demanded a republic and soon after his demands; the monarchy was overthrown. He also felt that a constitutional government would have to wait until all the enemies of the revolution have been eliminated. To accomplish this task, he murdered close to 40,000 people, most by guillotine, and some sentenced to life in jail. The Reign of Terror was one of the most controversial, and terrifying phases of the Revolution. Some French colonists thought it to be a path to democracy; others thought it was just a attempt for Robespierre to assume dictator. The other great leader was Napoleon Bonaparte. He believed that the only way to have control in France was to put a limit on democracy. Over a period of time Napoleon 's party overthrew Robespierre 's party. Soon enough, Napoleon was dictator of France. The French soldiers who fought in the American Revolution came back from the war with new ideas and reason for revolution. These ideas included the right to take up arms against tyranny, all men should Provocation includes such things as land war, class war, tyranny, and grievances. The American Revolution had many altercations with social classes and land. One reason the revolution began was because the British created the Proclamation of 1763, which stated that Americans couldn 't move east of the Appalachian Mountains. Land was abundant in America, but the British were tired of battles amongst themselves and the Native Americans. In contrast, the Americans were largely farmers and constantly desired to acquire more land. They didn’t understand why they couldn 't use and move onto the land if it was used by peoples less superior to themselves. Americans didn’t think of the American Revolution as a civil war, but as a war to gain freedom. All the classes in America were united against the British except the loyalists. This was mainly because they were all fighting for the same cause: freedom, equality, and no taxation without representation. The British were trying to control the Americans entirely, with their monopoly on trade, and also thought that the Americans would do everything they demanded them to do. The colonists soon figured out Great Britain 's angle on the situation. That was, they didn 't understand why they were forced to pay taxes to the British, when they had no say in Britain 's actions. They constructed a question that provoked their way of acting and

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  • Analyzes how the american revolution portrays similarities and qualities of the french revolution due to the inspiration of one to another.
  • Explains that the american revolution began due to problems within the british economy. the first major tax imposed on the colonists was the sugar act of 1764.
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