The Security Guard, A Group Of Homeless Men Huddled Together Outside The Entrance

The Security Guard, A Group Of Homeless Men Huddled Together Outside The Entrance

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As I walked towards the entrance to Pine Street Inn in Boston’s South End, a group of homeless men huddled together outside the entrance. I immediately noted how different this environment was from that of Bentley’s. The shelter itself had multiple forms of security including: a security guard, a luggage system, a metal detector, and a buzzing system- entrance was only permitted after explaining one’s purpose of being there. As I saw this extensive form of security, I had negative expectations of the meeting’s attendants. The AA meeting was held in a separate building from the foyer of the Pine Street Inn. After climbing up three flights of stairs and walking through the cafeteria, I arrived at the location of the AA meeting. Since I had negative stereotypes of the members, I was surprised to see that all the attendees of the meeting had bright, cheerful faces. More importantly, every single one of them showed no sign of attending this meeting out of force. Instead, this meeting seemed to be a social scene as all the members knew each other. I was shocked to see how they were all willing to give up a few hours on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to help themselves. Although I held a negative connotation of AA meetings, I realized that these meetings allow the members to accept their addiction, make positive changes, prevent their family members from making similar mistakes, and provide a healthy form of coping.
Attending these meetings allow alcoholics, like Kathy Taylor (not her real name), to accept their addiction. At exactly 2 o’clock, the meeting started with Taylor describing her life story. As she talked, she made sure to “[admit that she was] powerless over [her] addiction… [and] that [her life] had become unmanageable” (Ap...

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... are effective.
Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are a crucial form of self-help to many alcoholics and their families. This is because these meetings, through the use of the twelve steps, provide the people with an opportunity of a new life. Through constant attendance and will, these meetings can be a positive influence on the alcoholic because he will accept his flaws. Once a person accepts his flaws, he can bring a change to them. By doing this, he becomes a trustworthy and a reliable person to the family. This is crucial to the family life. Kathy Taylor, John Smith, and Michael Stanley are three examples of the positive impacts that this form of self- help provides to the people. Although these meetings tend to have a negative stereotype, as I had once believed, they truly are helpful and effective. The twelve steps are necessary to many people for change in life.

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