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The Effects of Tourism on MEDC

- The Effects of Tourism on MEDC Tourism has changed dramatically in recent years, due to the improvements in technology of transport which have gotten faster and more efficient, allowing people to even travel hundreds of miles abroad which before the invention of the plane would have been only for those in the army, explorers or the unbelievably wealthy whereas today flights on planes can be bought very cheaply and people have a greater amount of free time which can be spent on holiday because of paid holiday leave, earlier retirement, increases in awareness of other cultures and countries through the media which often have a more reliable climate than of local...   [tags: Papers]

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Exploring Why LEDC's Suffer Greater Damage From Earthquakes Than MEDC's

- Exploring Why LEDC's Suffer Greater Damage From Earthquakes Than MEDC's A MEDC is a more economically developed country; therefore it can afford to spend money on improving the countries stability and helping to decrease the damage from an earthquake. An example of a MEDC is Kobe, in Tokyo, where in January 1995; an earthquake that measured 7.5 on the Richter scale hit the city. A LEDC is a less economically developed country and therefore cannot afford to spend money to protect the country from earthquakes....   [tags: Papers]

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Farming in LEDC's and MEDC's Can Have a Negative Impact on Soils

- Farming in LEDC's and MEDC's Can Have a Negative Impact on Soils Soils are a vital resource to humans as without them there would be no means to feed the world's growing population. However, the global demographic changes are putting increasing pressure on farmers to grow more and in response to this, more land is being used for farming and the methods used to farm the land are not always beneficial to the soil in the long term. Agricultural activities are the one of the main causes of soil degradation....   [tags: Papers]

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More Economically Developed Countries and Less Economically Developed Countries

- Comparison Between MEDC and LEDC The comparisons between MEDC- More Economically Developed Country and LEDC-Less Economically Developed Country are many and varied but are mainly related to finance which gives the MEDC a higher standard of living for its occupants than those of the LEDC. Geographically most MEDC are situated in the northern hemisphere were as the LEDC are mostly in the southern hemisphere. Most MEDC are well advanced or have completed their development period for example the United Kingdom were as the LEDC are still in the early stages....   [tags: Economics]

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Why Does Urbanization Occur?

- Urbanisation is the process which has led to an increasing proportion of a country's population living within urban areas. It is impossible to say exactly when the process began, but in Britain it was around the time of the industrial revolution. Many people moved from rural to urban areas in search of regular employment. The MEDC's around the world are all urbanised now, with annual growth rates of urbanisation still increasing, but sustainably. LEDC's however are still rapidly urbanising. In this essay I am going to look at all the factors that cause urbanisation and evaluate why it is occurring....   [tags: World Cultures]

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The Hazards That An Earthquake

- The hazards that an earthquake can present are dependent on many different aspects, for example, the human factors, being factors that are influenced by humans that will affect an earthquake, are the level of development in the relevant country, the standard of infrastructure, while the physical factors are ones which are natural and cannot be controlled, being the magnitude and location of the quake and lastly the time the quake occurs. In order to properly assess whether the impact of earthquake hazards depends primarily on human factors, it is necessary to look at a range of case studies which will provide a balanced overview....   [tags: Earthquake, Seismic wave, Epicenter, New Zealand]

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Natural Disasters and Their Impacts

- Natural Disasters and Their Impacts The risk from natural is increasing all the time, more hurricanes, and floods are predicted to result from global climate change. At the moment, on average, each year natural disasters leave around 4 million people homeless and kill 128,000 people world wide, this is not even taking into consideration the damage that they perform in the process, and the cost that this causes the worlds economy. Each year the developing countries accept $35 billion dollars in damages caused by natural disasters from the rest of the world....   [tags: Papers]

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Causes of Natural Hazards

- Hazards are possible sources of danger. Types of hazards are those such as hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A cause is what makes something happen and is a reason for it happening. The two types of hazards I will be outlining the causes for are hurricanes and earthquakes. A hurricane and tropical storms are cyclones. When the winds reach a constant speed of 74 miles per hour or more, it is called a hurricane. A hurricane is caused when a large mass of air is warmed up and the warm humid air begins to rise....   [tags: hurricanes and earthquakes]

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Sustainability of Water Provision in Less Economically Developed Countries

- Water is not only an essential for life and good health, but is a key driver of agricultural production, the economy and global development. However, water is a limited resource and with a largely growing population, water demands are continuously increasing at an uncontrollable and unsustainable rate. There is vast variability of water supply over time as a result of seasonal cycles and inter-annual variation. The timing of these periods of high and low supply are largely unpredictable and therefore puts stress upon water management at the local, national and sometimes even the global scale (United Nations , N.D.)....   [tags: Sewage, Potable Water]

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World Development

- World Development INTRODUCTION My coursework will be on World Development and its varied aspects of the three different worlds and their references of MEDC'S and LEDC'S, the decision on why a countries developing, slow development of countries explained and explanation on why the worlds an unfair place. The definition of world development is the progress of resources to improve living standards of those in poverty struck areas. Increasing and easing poor people's basic needs accessibility and supplying the basic living conditions for releasing them from poverty and debt cycles....   [tags: Papers]

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People as the Creators of Hazards

- People as the Creators of Hazards "Those elements in physical environment harmful to man and caused by forces extraneous to him". Definition of natural hazards, by I. Burton and R.W. Kates (1964). A hazard only becomes a hazard if it affects, or threatens to affect people. It is essentially man centered. If no people are at risk, it is not a hazard. (See fig 1.0) The more people living in hazardous environments, and the higher the level of development, the more damage caused by hazards....   [tags: Papers]

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Migration: Pros and Cons

- Migration has been an on going phenomena from past to present. Individuals, families, or groups of people may leave a country voluntarily or involuntarily because of events: harsh environmental or economic conditions (disease, crop failure, excess population), religious persecution, "ethnic cleansing," war, genocide. Or they may be enslaved and taken to a foreign country. Migrants may seek better jobs, freedom, or to preserve their very lives. There is a wide spread perception shared by big business and the government that a country needs immigrants, first to take certain low paid jobs which the existing population decline to take, second, and more importantly, to overcome skill shortages in...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Countries and their Level of Development: Least Economically Developed Countries

- ... From the above graphs it can be concluded that MEDCs have lower Birth rates; due to families tend to be smaller as individuals invest more in few children in order to give them a better chance in life and families in MEDCs have less time to spend on raising children because women also contribute in the societies’ work. Moreover, Literacy rate is considerably higher in MEDCs due to the majority of such cultures believe in the importance of education and the fact that the governments offer children access to free education....   [tags: classification, economic indicators, poverty]

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Frantic Need For World Development

- One of the main reason there is a frantic need for world development is because some countries are living and suffering in poverty and desperately need help. There are two kinds of poverty, relative poverty which consists of the poor who have fairly less income and resources for life than the rest of the world and absolute poverty which consists of a level of survival which is less than minimally sufficient to meet basic human requirements such as shelter, food, warmth etc…There are a lot of factors that contribute to world poverty such as lack of education, poor health, wars, natural disasters, countries in debt and unfair trade....   [tags: World Poverty]

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The Hazards of Volcanic Eruptions

- The relevance of time and location can play a huge role towards the levels of hazards and consequences that occur when related to a volcanic eruption. Within this essay I will consider all contributory factors that may influence the processes which take place. Contrasting several volcanoes with specific differences, in both LEDC’s and MEDC’s will give a vivid and overall representation of the variation involved in volcanic processes. A hazard can best be defined as a 'situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, property or the environment.' The overall impact of volcanoes as a natural hazard varies greatly from one place and timeframe to another....   [tags: volcanoes, natural disasters, ]

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The Physical and Human Factors Which Affect the Location and the Impact of the Earthquake Hazard

- The Physical and Human Factors Which Affect the Location and the Impact of the Earthquake Hazard Earthquakes are natural hazards that have occurred since the dawn of time. They are products of the Earth's ever-changing face and lead to the movement of the world's tectonic plates. An earthquake is a hazard resulting from major geological processes and the release of energy within the earth leading to catastrophic incidents such as earthquake and volcanic eruptions. The effects of earthquakes can have considerable damage to the physical and human environments and the impact and location of an earthquake can alter the damage of the process....   [tags: Papers]

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Evaluate the view that ‘unfair terms of trade’ are the primary cause

- Evaluate the view that ‘unfair terms of trade’ are the primary cause of poverty in LDCs (Least Developed Countries). What is the aim of this report. The aim of this report is to evaluate to what degree unfair terms of trade are one of the main causes of poverty in LDC nations. This view is going to be evaluated through different case studies, which show different views of unfair terms of trade. What are ‘unfair terms of trade’. Trade involves the importing of primary products and exploiting of goods and services....   [tags: Economics]

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Exploring How and Why the Population is Changing

- Exploring How and Why the Population is Changing The world’s population is spiralling out of control. This statement can be argued upon on both sides. In some parts of the world the birth rate is a lot higher than the death rate. An example of this is Afghanistan. Some reasons are there is a poor availability of doctors, nurses and medicines....   [tags: Papers]

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Case Studies: International Migration

- This international migration occurred between 1948 and 1970s. West Indies consists of around 20 islands. Near half million people left their homes in the Caribbean to live in Britain. Decolonisation between the 1922 to 1975 led to many of England's colonies becoming independent. This led to many people from the ex-colonies such as the West Indies coming over to Britain in search of a better eduction, lifestyle and jobs, as their was high unemployment at home. The end of the second world war, the government was in needed of recruiting workers from the Caribbean to managed the shortages of labour in some British industries....   [tags: Migration, history, geography, ]

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Investigating the Extent to Which States of Economic Development Influence the Way People Respond to Natural Hazards

- Investigating the Extent to Which States of Economic Development Influence the Way People Respond to Natural Hazards For my essay I will look at many different case studies. I will be comparing different countries and looking at how economic resources resulted in the consequences of the natural hazards. I will look at different types of natural hazard such as earthquakes and tornados, as well as gathering my information from a mixture of MEDC and LEDC countries. The definition for economic according to is “Of or relating to the production, development, and management of material wealth, as of a country, household, or business enterprise.” The definiti...   [tags: Papers]

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Population Structure and Economic Implications of Kenya and China

- Population Structure and Economic Implications of Kenya and China In this piece of text I will be analysing and comparing the population structure and economic implications of two countries. The two countries that I have chosen are Kenya and China. China is a mixture of an LEDC and an MEDC whilst Kenya is a LEDC. You will be able to notice the difference when I give the facts and details of both countries. Population structure is such things as death rate and also birth rate and population spreads....   [tags: Papers]

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How Countries Can Seek to Control Over-Population

- How Countries Can Seek to Control Over-Population In both the countries I have chosen, the use of birth control and various policies by which the general population must abide to regarding how many children are born per family, are used. To illustrate the differences, I have chosen both an LEDC and an MEDC. MEDC: China: China is the most populated developing country in the world. The population by the end of 2003 was 1.29227 billion and the vast territories of 9.6 million square kilometres are inhabited with 56 nationalities groups....   [tags: Papers]

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Developing Countries Competing with Developed Countries

- Developing Countries Competing with Developed Countries Discuss the alternative methods that developing countries might use to overcome the difficulties that they have when trying to compete with developed countries. No industry attracted Including Foreign Direct investment (FDI) Economic development occurs when a country improves the economic welfare of its population through, for example reducing poverty. Some economists discuss the world as being the 'developed north' and 'underdeveloped south'....   [tags: Foreign Direct Investment Economics Essays]

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How is Political Corruption (Nepotism, Collusion and Embezzlement) affecting the Economic Development of Guinea?

- Guinea is a poor West African country that possesses major mineral, hydropower, and agricultural resources. It’s terribly ironic how Guinea struggles to bring back it’s economy back from the brink even though it has almost half of the world's bauxite reserves and significant iron ore, gold, and diamond reserves. However, Guinea has been unable to profit from this potential, as rampant corruption, dilapidated infrastructure, and political uncertainty have drained investor confidence. A small number of offshore companies, aided and abetted by corrupt domestic regimes, bled Guinea’s resources for decades....   [tags: Africa, Poverty, Corruption]

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The Stakeholder Theory by Thomas Donaldson

- A stake holder, in general is defined as an individual or organization likely affected by the performance of an organization. In “The stakeholder theory of the corporation: Concepts, evidence, and implications” by Thomas Donaldson , he quotes Stanford research institution and calls stake holders “those groups without whose support the organization would cease to exist.” Therefore a stakeholder can be thought of as some who both influences and is influenced by an organization. According to Greasley (1999, p9) there are 3 types of stake holders: internal, connected and external....   [tags: Business Management]

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Developed Countries and Economically Developed Countries

- ... Using the estimation of Phillips Curves model that has apply in the research, his conclude that the non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU) may be decreased a little bit. Besides, nowadays inflation in United States caused the cost of import decreased due to the appreciation of US Dollars, decreased in product price and the Asian crisis. Mankiw (2000), has already made a research in United State to defines the short run tradeoff between inflation and unemployment rate. In the research said that a contractionary monetary shocks will increased the unemployment rate....   [tags: inflation rate, unemployment rate]

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How Physical and Human Processes are Linked to Explain the Deficit of Food Production

- How Physical and Human Processes are Linked to Explain the Deficit of Food Production A food deficit is where there is not enough food to feed the current population. The world still suffers from a food deficit even though in most MEDC’s in the world there is a food surplus and an average kilocalories intake of 3300 in relation to the 2200 of the developing world. 200 years ago Malthus expressed his fears that world population would surpass food supply and there would be mass famine, although this is not the case he is somewhat right with, famine still present in most of Africa....   [tags: Papers]

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St Catherine's Dock, A Case Study

- St Catherine's Dock, A Case Study St Catherine's Dock is in London, which is one of the more economically developed countries, a MEDC. St Catherine's dock is situated on the north bank of the Thames, next to the Tower Bridge, and just off the highway, which runs from the tower Bridge to the Limestone Link, and so to Docklands and the new developments in the East End of London, the City Airport , The dome etc. St Catherine's Dock was part of the Victorian and early century London docks which generated wealth for the capital and fro the U.K, through imports and exports....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Holes in the Ozone Layer

- Holes in the Ozone Layer Ozone, 03 is a highly important component of the earth's atmosphere. Close to the ground ozone, is produced by the action of light on exhaust fumes and so concentrates in areas of heavy traffic. In this was it can be a pollutant, it corrodes metal, can inhibit plant growth and cause irritation to the lungs and throat. Up in the stratosphere though, about 15-50km above the earth surface, ozone is beneficial as it intercepts much of the suns UV (ultraviolet) radiation that would otherwise reach the earth....   [tags: Papers]

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Globalization and Culture

- Globalization simply defined is the intensification of global interactions. The case studies we have studied depict two of the main types of globalization. Economic Globalization, which is the production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of goods and tangible services, and Cultural Globalization, the exchange of materials and symbols that represent facts, meaning values and beliefs. When Globalization occurs it usually has a major impact on indigenous cultures. Optimists or “champions” state that the relationship between culture and globalization has positive effects as it creates a balance between nations....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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The Growth of Transnational Corporations and Its Impact on Countries Around the World

- The Growth of Transnational Corporations and Its Impact on Countries Around the World A TNC is a company that operates in no less than two countries. An example of this is Nokia a mobile phone company who are based in Finland but also have manufacturing plants in Hungary and Bulgaria. The also make some handsets in Mexico. TNCs have increased rapidly over the last 30 years or so; this may be due to a number of reasons. Governments in NIC (newly industrialized countries) have tried to lure TNC to their countries....   [tags: Papers]

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The most Effective Way to Market an On-line Shopping Service for Tecsave

- The most Effective Way to Market an On-line Shopping Service for Tecsave Background info: Tecsave ======================== Tecsave is now a supermarket store but when Tecsave was first established Tecsave was a grocery store situated somewhere in the Midlands. A sole trader named Robbie Peers in 1947 founded Tecsave. Within a decade Tecsave expanded internally by becoming a PLC (Private Limited Company) and by situating 56 branches somewhere in the Midlands. At the present time Tecsave have continued to expand by placing 187 branches situated in various parts of the U.K (131 branches situated outside the Midlands)....   [tags: Papers]

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Why Did So Many People Die in the Kobe Earthquake?

- Kobe is Japan's second most populated and industrialised area, after Tokyo. It is located on three plates; the Pacific, the Philippine and the Eurasian. This puts the whole of Japan in danger of having an earthquake. The earthquake was occurring at 5.46 AM on January 17th 1995. The earthquake was recorded 7.2 on the Richter scale, making it a very fatal earthquake. The epicentre was in Kobe, the second largest city in Japan. The centre of Kobe city was affected the worst, because it was very economically developed....   [tags: World Cultures]

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Natural Hazards and the Interaction of Physical and Human Processes

- Natural Hazards and the Interaction of Physical and Human Processes The earth has been producing hazards for millennia these include earthquakes and volcanoes caused by the movement of tectonic plates, and also wind and water elated disasters such as tornadoes and tsunamis, these can be varied by a countries location such as suffering drought due to be land locked or an island, also the relief on the land can contribute greatly to the hazards it faces.. All of these cause great destruction and can involves lots of energy, these events do not become disasters unless there are human factors involved, when people live on a fault line they are risking suffering fro...   [tags: Papers]

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Report on Characteristics and Consequences of an Aging Population

- Report on Characteristics and Consequences of an Aging Population An ageing population is a population that, for a number of reasons, is collectively and gradually growing older. The main reasons for this are falling birth rates while death rates remain static. An ageing population can, however, have severe consequences for a country, which will be described below. In this report, the characteristics and consequences of an ageing population will be described using specific case studies on a world, and regional scale....   [tags: Papers]

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The Advantages of the Hand-Dug Wells in Ghana

- The Advantages of the Hand-Dug Wells in Ghana Hand-dug wells are an alternative to collecting muddy, diseased water a long way away. Here are some advantages of having this kind of access to this type of water: o Less time is spent collecting water from far away so people have more time on their hands. Children can go to school and receive education which means they can eventually get better jobs which could in the long-term help Ghana to develop. Adults can have more time on their hands....   [tags: Papers]

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The Effects of Rapid Urbanisation on Urban Areas

- The Effects of Rapid Urbanisation on Urban Areas Urbanisation is the growth in the proportion of people living in urban areas compared to rural areas and has rapidly taken place over the last 200 years, particularly between 1800 and 1850, where there was a population explosion. Also, more recently, between 1950 and 1990, the proportion of people in the world living in urban areas increased by 20%. Currently the rate of urbanisation is much less rapid in MEDC’s than LEDC’s as a large majority of the population are already living in urban areas....   [tags: Papers]

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World Distribution and Economic Effects of AIDS

- AIDS was first diagnosed in the USA and although now a world wide pandemic, the main extent of the AIDS problem is concentrated in the continent of Africa, especially south of the Sahara desert. In 2004 30 million Africans were infected and living with AIDS, it is estimated that up to a third of central African are infected with the virus HIV. In other parts of the world the AIDS problem at this time is not so severe however the virus is spreading rapidly, especially in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries....   [tags: Papers]

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Ethnic Minorities in Inner City Areas

- Ethnic Minorities in Inner City Areas (Carr P175-P180 and Independent Review) It can be said that ethnic minorities do remain concentrated in the inner areas of many MEDC cities, as can be seen in the 1991 census data, which shows disproportional numbers of ethnic minorities in London and major cities in the Midlands and the North of England. This can also be seen in the USA but is more significant as ethnic minorities make up a much lager proportion of the population, due to the higher rate of natural increase amongst the Hispanic and Asian segments of the ethnic groups, as well as their continued immigration into the cities....   [tags: Papers]

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The Impact of Tourism on Jamaica

- The Impact of Tourism on Jamaica The aim of this report is to summarise the impact of tourism on Jamaica. I will outline the affect tourism has on different people, businesses and the environment. In addition the report will also include the affects of tourism on the physical environment and the conflicts that may arise between the damage to the environment and the creation of wealth and job opportunities in the country. I will research this by using images, statistics such as graphs, climate graphs, and questionnaires....   [tags: Papers]

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The Central Business District of Kidderminster

- The Central Business District of Kidderminster Introduction ============ For my GCSE fieldwork we were required to visit the central Business District (CBD for short) of a town or a city. The town that I will investigate is called Kidderminster, and is located in Central England, near the Wyre Forest District in the countryside of Worcestershire on the Stour River. Kidderminster is just 19 miles south of Birmingham. It has a very industrial history and is known as the origin of the Carpet Industry....   [tags: Papers]

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Changing Birth Rates Around the World

- Changing Birth Rates Around the World Birth rates are a key indication in any situation to a countries economic development. The world has largely varying birth rates from less than 1.7 born per couple in the United Kingdom to over 4.6 in countries such as Pakistan. Birth rate scan be influenced by many factors, here is an in depth description of these factors. Sanitation and health care are two main factors or birth rates. England has one of the best health services in the world and provides adequate sanitat6ion to everyone who is a legal occupant of the UKas a legal right....   [tags: Papers]

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Urban Population, Megacities, and Motivation

- Urban Population, Megacities, and Motivation The social phenomenon of urbanization and emergence of megacities in the world’s inhabitation pattern is proved to be an effect that co-exists with human. The biggest launch of the early centuries was caused by the Industrial Revolution and in the latest years, Globalization, established a new basis to the issue. It has been observed to have had a most rapid growing rate in the 20th century due to mainly internal migration of native people from rural areas to cities, that in combination with the global growing birth rate and technology revolution has brought this effect to the proscenium of more economically developed countries and developing cou...   [tags: Urbanization Housing Big Cities Economy Essays]

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Problems in LEDC Cities

- Problems in LEDC Cities Less economically developed countries, known as LEDC's, encounter many problems such as infrastructure, pollution, education, employment and also housing. The extent of the seriousness of these problems varies in each country, but as the countries are not yet more economically developed, the problems are in fact quite major for the LEDC cities. One of the main problems in LEDC cities is housing. The population growth of the cities is much faster than the growth of wealth and so there is not sufficient affordable housing for the new migrants or the growing families and as a result people are being forced to live in makeshift spontaneous sett...   [tags: Papers]

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Explaining the Term Urbanisation

- Explaining the Term Urbanisation Urbanisation is the process in which the number of people living in cities increases compared with the number of people living in rural areas. A country is considered to be urbanised when over 50% of its population lives in urban places. In the UK the movement of people from rural to urban areas followed the industrial revolution as people were needed to work in the factories in the CBD. It took place throughout the 19th and Early 20th Centuries in Europe and North America....   [tags: Papers]

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Acid Rain in Europe

- Acid Rain in Europe Introduction ============ The atmosphere is like a film of gases, which makes the planet habitable. If this layer was not present there would be no life on earth. It is a fact that the health of plants, animals and humans depends upon a very important factor 'pollution'. Although, all kinds of poisonous waste is continuing to be put into the atmosphere. These poisonous gases are being produced when fossil fuels are burnt, as a result of this acid rain forms which further more results in numerous problems damaging forests, lakes, rivers, land, plants and animals....   [tags: Papers]

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Management of Mass Movements

- Management of Mass Movements Managing landslide hazards 1. Modifying the event Slope stability can be increased by a variety of engineering techniques, which although expensive, enable control of land sliding to be largely successful. There are 2 key issues with this approach to landslide hazard management: cost and responsibility. Government funding may be available for emergency stabilization. However, building codes can enforce some user if these techniques by private developers....   [tags: Papers]

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The Impacts of Malaria

- The Impacts of Malaria Approximately 300 million people are affected worldwide by malaria and between 1 and 1.5 million people die from it every year. Malaria is now mainly confined to Africa, Asia and Latin America having previously been widespread across the world. The problems of controlling malaria in these countries are heightened due to insufficient health structures and poor socioeconomic conditions. The situation has become more complicated over the last few years with the increase in resistance to the drugs normally used to combat the parasite that causes the disease....   [tags: Papers]

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Geography Fieldwork

- A. Fieldwork Question & Geographic Context How are the prices of housing affected by the location of malls in the Washington DC Metro Area. By sampling housing that is for sale within a 2-mile radius of two malls in the Washington DC metro area, the correlation between location of malls and housing prices can be found. Two malls will be surveyed in the Washington DC Metro area in order to answer this question. Tyson’s Galleria, located in Tyson’s Corner, between Vienna and McLean, Virginia, is the largest shopping mall in Virginia and is located 12.5 miles (20.1 kilometers) from the Central Business District of Washington D.C....   [tags: Geography ]

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Farming In Denmark

- Denmark is located in the Central Northern part of Europe. It is part of the Scandinavian countries, thus it has a relatively cold weather all year long. 75% of Denmark’s land is used for farming. Because of it’s export of agricultural and industrial produce, it enjoys one of the highest standard of living in the world. This case study is meant to study the farming in Denmark. Types of Farming: Denmark is divided into 3 areas: Jutland, Fyn, and Zealand. Farming is found in all of those areas. Denmark’s types of farming are: Dairy farming, Crop farming, Animal farming, and Mixed farming In Jutland, the least intensive farming is found....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Malawi and Tobacco

- Malawi and Tobacco What strategies can Malawi use to overcome problems relating to a change in demand of its main export, tobacco. QUESTION- what strategies can Malawi use to overcome problems relating to a change in demand of its main export, tobacco. Malawi, a LEDC, located in Southern Africa, has a population of 10 million. Tobacco is its main export and this provides the majority of the countries export revenues. It has become dependant on exporting tobacco to firms based in MEDC's such as the United States....   [tags: Trade Tobacco Malawi Essays]

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Measuring World Development

- Measuring World Development Development is a complex economic, social and political phenomenon. There are a range of simple and composite indicators used to measure development. There are many definitions of development, perhaps the most used is; “Development refers to a number of characteristics such as demographic change, economic growth, an increase in the case of resources, modernisation, higher levels of technology and political freedom.” Indicators of development are put into four sectors: Economic, Social, Political and environmental....   [tags: Papers]

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