The Importance Of Advertising

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Advertising is a method of persuading, encouraging and manipulating an audience to buy a given product. Marketing is a very important method of showing off your product to consumers. It is a way in which people can know what your product is all about. If you fail to advertise your product, then people may not know about it and may fail to buy it even though your product would be available in every outlet. Advertising attracts consumers and gives them knowledge about the uses of your product. Advertising was not considered important, as it is today twenty to thirty years ago but today the amount of money spent on advertising really speaks a lot. In 2012 , the Electronic giant Samsung spent $4.3 billion in advertising. This is a huge sum of money , they wouldn’t spent that kind of money if they know that their sales and profits wouldn’t increase. But after spending that money their brand value also increased. Advertising also increases the value of the brand, more people will know it and some ads just stick in your brain like the KFC ads , in the end they say its finger licking good. This is stuck in the minds of millions of people around the world. There are many kinds of advertising for example: in todays world most of the multinationals use billboards, television, Internet, sheltered outdoor advertising, radios and celebrities to advertise their product. In countries like India, the power of celebrities is very high. So most of the companies in India use celebrity endorsement to promote their respected products. The public has a mentality that if a celebrity advertises a product then it means that the quality of the product would be very good. Billboards are also a very good way of adverti... ... middle of paper ... ...utdoor advertising is also a very useful method of advertising that is practiced in both LEDCs and MEDCs. You set up a tent in a mall, in streets or in parking lots, you keep your product under the tent and market it to whoever passes by. The tent will have to have pictures of the respected brand. This method is mainly practiced in Africa. This kind of advertising is very common in East Africa and is mostly done by telecom companies. There are many methods of advertising but it always depends in the country you are living in . In countries like Uganda, online advertising and television advertising may not really work because not many people can afford these luxurious goods. So the method that could work there are: radio advertising, billboards and sheltered outdoor advertising. It is very important to know your target audience while advertising.
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