The Advantages of the Hand-Dug Wells in Ghana

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The Advantages of the Hand-Dug Wells in Ghana Hand-dug wells are an alternative to collecting muddy, diseased water a long way away. Here are some advantages of having this kind of access to this type of water: o Less time is spent collecting water from far away so people have more time on their hands. Children can go to school and receive education which means they can eventually get better jobs which could in the long-term help Ghana to develop. Adults can have more time on their hands. This may enable them to get a job and earn more money for their family which could improve the quality of their life. They could spend more time preparing food which may give the family a more balanced diet enabling them to live a long and healthy life. Young children can be looked after and if they are ill they have time to nurse them back to health. Without the journey to fetch water people feel much less tired giving them more energy for other things. o If there is access to clean water and diseases are not likely to be spread around, people are more likely to apply for jobs in the village. There may be more teachers in a school, so pupils receive more attention when learning. If a villager begins to employ people from elsewhere, he will be able to do more work therefore may be able to expand his business and make more money. Also, employees can inform others about that particular village, giving good publicity which may invite more work. Tourism may also develop in the village as tourists know they can be offered water which does not carry a threat. o In the water previously used by the villagers were risks of water diseases such as typhoid and cholera. Bacteria caused diarrhoea and tiny eggs that grew into worms inside you caused bilharzias and other infections. Now, with the hand-dug well villagers can access clean, safe water which does not carry disease. Families also do not have to spend lots of money on medicines so they have more opportunities to

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