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  • Legal Industry and Careers

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         Information Services with-in the legal industry can be a very rewarding career. Law firms in general usually have large budgets and can afford the latest and greatest in technology and technology training. Additionally, the working conditions are quite comfortable and relaxed. Although Information Service oriented careers are typically viewed as blue collar jobs, there are many perks within a successful firm that can make them sometimes seem otherwise. Law firms are

  • The Legal Career Of Criminal Defense Lawyer

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    I have chosen to use a criminal defense lawyer as my primary legal career for this discussion board. A criminal defense lawyer, is a lawyer who specializes in defending an individual or a company that has been charged with a crime. Criminal defense lawyers have to deal with many different circumstances. For instance, arrests, criminal charges, investigations, sentencing, appeals, and even post-trial issues. However, a lot of criminal defense lawyers will choose to specialize in a certain type of

  • My Aspiration For My Future Legal Career

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    My chosen career: My aspiration for my future legal career is to become a solicitor. This is despite the competition and entry difficulties this sector is known for, which I will address later on. In a practical sense there are two entry routes, which is either through the LPC (1 year course) and then a 2-year training contract or Cilex fast track and 3 years qualifying employment . The Cilex route is to become a legal executive rather than a solicitor. However, the job description of the two is

  • The Legal Profession: One Career, Many Avenues

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    The Legal Profession: One Career, Many Avenues Whether we are reading about the heroic small-town attorney Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mocking Bird, or watching in awe as Richard Gere portrays a smooth attorney in Primal Fear, it is apparent through culture and media that there is a power and prestige associated with the law in American society. This paper compares the training and education of such American lawyers with their English counterparts, concluding as to why it may behoove us in the US

  • BENEFITS OF A FINE ARTS EDUCATION: Effects on a Legal Career

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    A person choosing what to do as a career is probably one of the hardest decisions they will ever make in their life. There are numerous options for education that will get a person to the same career goal. Usually, this means deciding among options such as a technical degree, a community college, or a university. After making this tough choice, the decision making process is far from over. Not only does the person need to choose what type of school they attend, such as private or public, but they

  • My Career Goals: Work in the Legal Field and Become an Entrepreneur

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    The definition of career is, progress or general course of action of a person through life, as in some profession or undertaking. In my; life-long goals, I plan to become a thoroughly educated defense lawyer, and I aspire to become an entrepreneur. But before I can do any of these things, I plan to go to a prestigious college, to attain all my degrees. When I become a lawyer in my future, I plan to be the best, because I strive to be a role model to many young people around the

  • Politics And Political Science During College

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    authority, or participate in heated debates? If yes, then majoring in political science can turn these interests into an enjoyable career. Politics surround our everyday lives; therefore understanding how politics can be involved with any career is a great asset. Majoring in political science during college improves chances in getting a career dealing with Lawyers, Legal Investigators, and Probation Officers. Established with other social sciences during the nineteenth century, political science is

  • Deciding on a Career Choice

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    Deciding on a career choice is a difficult decision to make because it effects your future as a whole. When I departed upon the path to search for my career choice I realized I was presented with many career options and no idea what I wanted to choose but I quickly discovered that I had a fascination with the legal system. As it is this age old system that upholds the laws of our nation and state and enforces those laws to any and every person that breaks them with proper consequences

  • Lawyers Are Dissatisfied With Practicing Law

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    professors, and law students debate the various reasons for this lack of satisfaction. Certain scholars attribute low satisfaction to the increasingly high demands placed on legal professionals after entering practice, while others believe the lack of satisfaction is due to pessimistic attitudes promoted inside and outside of legal culture. Discordantly, others believe lawyer dissatisfaction results from the discrepancy between romanticized notions of the field prior to entering practice and the reality

  • What I Learned At A Time

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    who perform this job actually do. This career requires Work in environmental law, representing public interest groups, waste disposal companies, or construction firms in their dealings with state and federal agencies. Help develop federal and state programs, draft and interpret laws and legislation, and establish enforcement procedure Act as agent, trustee, guardian, or executor for businesses or individuals. Search for and examine public and other legal records to write opinions or establish

  • Career as a Lawyer

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    Career as Lawyer Description: Career as a lawyer is very respectful as they serve to maintain the law and order. They are responsible for providing justice to the innocent and punishment to the offenders. Career as Lawyer on one side is challenging and risky but on the other side, it is prestigious and honorable as well. Key words: Career as Lawyer, Career as a Lawyer, Lawyers Career, Lawyer’s Career, Lawyer Career, Career of Lawyers, Career of a Lawyer, Career of the Lawyer, Lawyer as a

  • Female Lawyers in the 20th Century

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    Female Lawyers in the 20th Century As early as the American Civil War, women fought to enter the legal profession. Since then, they have repeatedly proven themselves competent, and yet many have felt the pressure of opposition from their male counterparts. Even today, discrimination still exists, not from outside the profession, but from within. The reader will confront the history of female attorneys, what obstacles stand in their way, what advances are being made with regards


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    continual presence of law, careers aimed to interpret the crevices of laws, and to defend them, are synonymously as necessary in society. Absolutely, the gain of America’s economy is a direct reflection of the lawyers who protect them. Lawyers are a necessity to the nation; serving their purpose as defenders of the law. The system of corporate law is undoubtedly the cornerstone of corporate finance, and as citizens begin to thrive more immensely in a capitalistic nation, legal representation will be

  • The Long Corridors Of The Longworth House Office Building

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    signatures were on a letter of support for the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County to continue receiving federal assistance. The Legal Aid Society has been a group that I have been involved with since the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college. My involvement came about through my internship with a litigation support firm that had developed a close relationship with the society through its pro bono support of small projects that Legal Aid was undertaking. I have spent hours of my

  • A Personal Reflection on Who I Am Today and Why

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    B.A in Legal Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Who Am I? I am a first generation college student and the first in my family with the desire to attend law school. I am a woman who overcame many challenges in life and I am the same woman who chose not to let the hardships define who I am. After encountering several personal and academic experiences, I was guided towards a newly profound answer to the question, “Who Am I?” I am now a woman with goals of pursuing a career in the legal field and

  • Paralegal

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    training or work experience to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts and is customarily, but not exclusively, performed by a lawyer. This person may be retained or employed by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency or other entity or may be authorized by administrative, statutory or court authority to perform this work. [1] Education. It is not necessary to have a degree to work as a legal assistant or legal secretary. After years of experience it is possible

  • My Journey Of Self Discovery

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    self-discovery began during my undergraduate career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From balancing responsibilities at one of the nation’s premier public institutions to traveling around the world in order to learn about different cultures, I have learned a great deal about myself and the world in the past five years. My previous experiences have shaped who I am today and shown me that my purpose is to serve underrepresented citizens through the legal profession, namely in the area of civil

  • Career Opportunities in the Criminal Justice System

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    punishments make up the criminal justice system. Three of the main parts of the criminal justice system are law enforcement, the courts and prisons. Law enforcement includes jobs such as sheriffs and patrol officers. The court system offers careers in law. Correctional facilities and prisons include jobs such as counseling and correctional officers. There are many jobs involved in law enforcement. The sheriff, the highest-ranking officer in law enforcement, oversees the entire department

  • High Law School Tuition Prohibits Graduates From Public Service Careers

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    a steep and persistent rise in the costs of legal education and in the tuitions law schools charge. From 1990 to 2003 the average cost of public education rose 234 percent and the cost of private education rose 118 percent. The average tuition for a public law school is $10,820 for a state resident and $20,171 for a non-resident. The average tuition for a private law school has rose to an astounding $25,584. As a result of the soaring cost of legal education, total financial aid available to

  • Defying the Odds: Becoming a Successful Corporate Lawyer

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    continual presence of law, careers aimed to interpret the crevices of laws, and to defend them, are synonymously as necessary in society. Absolutely, the gain of America’s economy is a direct reflection of the lawyers who protect them. Lawyers are a necessity to the nation; serving their purpose as defenders of the law. The system of corporate law is undoubtedly the cornerstone of corporate finance, and as citizens begin to thrive more immensely in a capitalistic nation, legal representation will be

  • Reflection Paper On My Career Goals

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    benefits of the RCBC Paralegal Program courses taken as applied to the work that I performed. The final section is devoted to the knowledge and experience that I gained during the course of internship. I am very interested in law career. My career goal is to be a legal analyst, and I decided to start my carwith a paralegal degree. I am going to finish my two years paralegal degree at Rowan College at Burlington County in 2016. I am looking forward learning everything I can about being a paralegal

  • A Woman 's Place Is Throughout The Home !

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    “A woman’s place is in the home!” “An education and career are not Godly attributes for a wife and mother!” These philosophical ideals while unspoken, became the essence of my social environment. One of my earliest memories is watching my dad study late into the night, while I pretended to sleep. Sometimes, I would get up and spend time with my dad while asking him a million questions! “Dad, why aren’t ladies allowed to work?” “If I get married, why do I have to stay home and clean the house?” “I

  • Book Review of 25 to Life by Lesley Snyder

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    25 to Life by Lesley Snyder Leslie Crocker Snyder is a New York Supreme Court Justice. As a child, she already had her sights set on a career in law. She entered college at 16 with her eyes on the prize. She eventually became a part of the system over 30 years ago. This career path has taken her to many interesting destinations. She looks back down the legal road in 25 to Life: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth. Snyder discusses the barriers she faced in the late 1960's

  • The Law And English As A Second Language

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    About 18 months ago, my grandfather got into a legal dispute with the freeholder of his commercial property. With his primary means of income compromised, he was unable to afford adequate legal representation. He was also ineligible for legal aid. He decided to represent himself, but requested my assistance as he had little knowledge of the law and English as a second language. I was apprehensive, but agreed to help him as his options were limited. I went through all of his paperwork and dusted off

  • Choosing A Career Path Is Not Easy

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    Choosing a career path was not easy. I wanted to be able to do so many task that did not fit into certain criteria. My main goal in life is to be able to help those that need support. Getting a psychology degree was a leverage because I could get my degree in this field and use it to help others out. I wanted to be a psychodynamic therapist when I started classes, but after finding out there are more career paths available, I decided to enter the work force of being a victim advocate. By being

  • Essay On International Law

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    International Lawyer A career so ancient that Egyptians practiced it- that is international law. “Law is the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of it members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties” (“Definition of Law in English”), while international law is the same philosophy just over a much larger spectrum. Lawyers who wish to practice it must learn many aspects of law from all around the globe. International law can be a public

  • Access to Legal Pathways

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    In order to become part of the Judiciary, you must first make your mark as a legal practitioner, which you cannot do unless you are rich, important and well known. Whilewe have seen some improvement in class diversity within the circle of legal practitioners. However it’s easy to say that old habits die hard as, majority of the Judiciary are still white, middle aged, wealthy men. In this essay the different requirement and training necessary to become a member of the Judiciary. Barristers are may

  • Recommendation Letter

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    adversity, Ron has single-handedly pursued his dreams. An excellent sportsman during his school years, I have been associated with him in taking forward his sporting career since then. However, it was not long before I realized that his interests did not lie in the field of sports and that he wished to pursue a mainstream academic career. Ron educated himself while simultaneously taking up employment in the field of sales and marketing. While proving to be a diligent and ambitious student standing

  • Paralegals : A Key Part Of The Criminal Justice System

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    Paralegals are a crucial part of the criminal justice system. They are some of the hardest workers in the legal system, yet are sometimes underappreciated. It seems as though being a paralegal can stressful, exhausting, and overwhelming, but many find this worth the stress because they are challenged to solve problems, think creatively, and are making a difference and improving the lives of others. Overall, paralegals perform a range of duties that make them a vital part of the justice system, and

  • Nurse Educator Career Investigation

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    Nurse Educator Career Investigation Introduction The career of nurse educator is an all-inclusive term that refers to those nursing occupations that instruct and demonstrate patient care, in both on-the-job clinical environments, as well as lectures, in a classroom setting. A current occupational resource outlines some of the job titles which fall under the category of nurse educator, which include: Nursing Faculty, Nursing Professor, Nursing Instructor, Associate Professor of Nursing, Assistant

  • My Academic Career At Wilfrid Laurier University

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    My interest in the law stems from my academic focus, and my strengths in writing, communication, and leadership. Since beginning my academic career at Wilfrid Laurier University studying their Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, I have excelled in writing persuasively in a variety of subject areas ranging from communications, philosophy, political science, religion, and history. I can attribute this strength in writing to both my exhaustion of all resources I have available to me, as well

  • Criminal Law And Litigation Strategies

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    When interviewing Matthew Alan Radefeld a partner at Frank Juengel and Radefeld, it was very clear that education is essential in this career. He stressed the importance of completing college and maintain a high GPA. Then, after conducting further research, to become a criminal lawyer one must complete an undergraduate degree from a 4-year university or college. Potential criminal lawyers may benefit from courses such as government, history, economics, public speaking and sociology but these aren’t

  • The Ethical Limitations And The Legal Labyrinth

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    During office hours with Dr. Verrell, we discussed the implications of certain types of experiments and I found myself more interested in the ethical limitations and the legal labyrinth researchers navigate through in order to contribute to the academic community. This played a definitive role in identifying my passion to seek out a career path that fostered and utilized my strengths. Learning what kind of questions to ask, whether of superiors or my colleagues, and how to approach problems was incredibly

  • Who Is The Right Career Path?

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    options career wise, but also faces numerous challenges. When trying to decide if being an attorney is the right career path, a person must weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. With stressful work environments and high educational standards many people are discouraged from pursuing a career path in law, but there are so many different career paths to consider after gaining the title of attorney it may be worth it. Attorneys can expect similar work environments in all different career choices

  • Professional Plan

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    The career I have chosen to pursue an education in is paralegal studies and upon completion of my education I intend to become a paralegal or commonly known as a legal assistant. I will be writing about the responsibilities, growth trends and salaries that paralegals have. I will also give information about how to enter the paralegal field and how to be promoted in it as well as the lifelong learning opportunities you can gain by choosing a career in the paralegal field. I will also give information

  • The Human Resource / Generalist Of Yoshiro Manufacturing Incorporated

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    learning from his experiences within his job. Having a career in HR required in-depth knowledge of the law regarding the American with Disabilities Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Therefore, this makes knowing the regulations within your state vital so you are able to adhere to the policies, and avoid unwanted litigations. An HR career is extremely demanding as they act as the glue that holds the company together. This career requires a focus to detail and knowledge of the company


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    Career Overview Judges preside over and apply the law in trials and legal proceedings in accordance to local, state, and federal laws. They guarantee that trials are conducted as instructed by established rules and procedures and endorse the rights of individuals involved in a legal process. In non-jury criminal trials, judges decide a defendant's guilt or innocence, and in civil cases rule on liability and compensation. Judges can be elected by the public or appointed by governments. Education

  • A Research Study On Paralegal Field

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    for a career, being a immigration paralegal could be right for them. A different department is there for different people. Also, there are many different fields to choose from, and with new technology being created every day, who knows how many more areas are going to open and grow? One of the most appealing aspects of being a paralegal is that it is attainable through and associate’s degree. It is faster than a bachelor’s degree and has a pay off in the end. According to Paralegal and Legal Assistants

  • The Film Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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    someone that works in the legal profession, including the consumption of time spent on only work along with having a very stern look. However, a look at how it’s shown in the film To Kill a Mockingbird, it shows that things like standing for justice, having integrity, and being family-oriented plays a huge role in the lives of lawyers. Even though the film’s goal is to entertain moviegoers, the film mostly conveyed what lawyers have to go through when it comes to their career. For example, in most of

  • Paralegal Recruitment

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    a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work, for which a lawyer is responsible”. This paper seeks to outline some of the strategies I am going to use in finding a suitable replacement for this position which I previously held and now have to leave in because of a promotion to the Executive Legal Secretary. The major areas of evaluation include for this paper will be: (1) job analysis and job description; (2) replacement

  • Changing from Legal Practice to Healthcare Administration

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    Changing from Legal Practice to Healthcare Administration A personal change I experienced that was very challenging emotionally and psychologically was a career change from legal practice to healthcare administration. The decision for a career change happened in 2007 after a near death experience in Cameroon, my home country, during a short vacation. During my vacation, a health scare got me to a local area hospital that had only one attending physician and 20 nurses to take care of approximately

  • Lawyer: An Ambassador of the Rule of Law

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    obeyed. A lawyer acts as political and legal council to everyone from ordinary citizens to top government officials dealing with foreign policies, but their main job is to help those in need and keep the law balanced (Lawyers, Encyclopedia). But be warned that there is much learning to do before one enters the court or takes hold of a case. Becoming a lawyer is very rewarding and provides an exceptionally high income, opens the door to multiple related careers, and holds promise for growth and mobility

  • Surrogacy Should Be Legal Or Not?

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    used are from the couple that is incapable of bearing children resulting in a biological child. However, in America, there is a big debate on rather surrogacy should be legal or not, because of the fraudulent surrogacy companies, religious beliefs and financial concerns. Therefore, one can clearly see that surrogacy should be legal due to the right to pursue happiness for all Americans, intervention by the federal government could resolve the troublesome fraudulent issues, and it will boost the economy

  • Forensic Psychology

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    applications and specialties. A common appliance of psychology is to the criminal field, frequently in the pursuit of serial offenders. The development of psychology, the use of conducted research and formed statistics, and the application to the legal system, form the field known as forensic psychology. To understand the history of forensic psychology, one must use a broader scope because forensic psychology is an application of the scientific discipline of psychology. Wilhelm Wundt is considered

  • The Great Chief Justice : John Marshall And The Rule Of Law

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    The Great Chief Justice: John Marshall and the Rule of Law by Charles F. Hobson examines the judicial career of John Marshall, as well as the legal culture that helped to shape his political beliefs and his major constitutional opinions. The author sources much of his information from the formal opinions that Marshall issued during his judicial career. From these writings, Hobson presents Marshall 's views on law and government and provides explanations for what in Marshall 's life influenced those

  • Paralegal Career Opportunities: Working in a Small or Large Firm?

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    A paralegal new to the field has many options as far as career opportunities. One major decision for a paralegal pursuing a career at a law firm is whether or not to seek employment at a small or large firm. Taking into consideration some of the pros and cons of both small and large firms will give oneself an understanding on which to set their criteria for their final decision. Law firms with 25 or fewer attorneys are usually considered small law firms. Since small laws firms out number larger

  • Investigation Into Effective Employee Termination

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    structured plan. The termination must be documented, legal and reasonable. Managers are responsible for making sure terminations do not violate employee contracts. It is also essential to determine the effective date of the termination and make sure there are no issues relating to sex, age or racial discrimination which may cause potential legal problems. Terminations create more lawsuits than any other workplace activity. If you have a legal department or human resource manager, this is the time

  • Issues Within The Law: A Law Degree and Nowhere to Go

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    This misconception can trick young prospective lawyers making the career seem better than what it can be. Unfortunately when they finally enter the work force they become disappointed to see that it is not what it was imagined to be. One statement says “many lawyers enter the profession for the wrong reasons, believing that a legal career is the ticket to prestige, glamour and big money.” which holds a lot of validity. (Legal Career Satisfaction) The two problems that were stated show that law has

  • Specific Example Of Leadership Abilities

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    helpful courses you have taken in preparation for your career? The Individual and the Law was the eye-opening college course that challenged me more than ever before and inspired me to pursue further education in legal studies. The professor incorporated the Socratic method to showcase how the law is ever-changing and how it applies to the individual, along with providing the basic understanding of the Constitution necessary for a career in the field of law. Agricultural Law teaches about the

  • The Legal Profession Concept From Greece And Rome

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    to seek upon new innovations that will give the career more opportunities to be successful. People believe the law field is a slow-moving career that does not keep up with new advances.In fact, the law is a field where attorneys have to keep up with new innovations or they will fall behind.Just like any career field, innovation is a must for companies to advance in the future. Attorneys have been around since the ancient times. America copied the legal profession concept from Greece and Rome. Although