Five Careers for a Graduate of Agricultural Studies

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Five Careers for a Graduate of Agricultural Studies

I. Introduction

Agriculture is a vast and expanding world for many people here in the mid-west. This is not a career to be taken lightly, since it has it's ever-changing highs and lows; which attract people and also discourage them too. Deciding what a graduate wants to do in agriculture is a difficult process, I know since I am in the process right now. Some of the following careers are ones that I am more familiar with since I have been around most of them. The following jobs: Self-employed farmer, sales (equipment, chemical, and seed), district research manager, teacher, and farm manager are a few options of a new college graduate. Below are the descriptions of each.

II. Five Careers for a Graduate of Agricultural Studies

In the following paragraphs I will be discussing the five jobs selected that a new graduate in agriculture may want to follow to upstart his career.

A. Self-Employed Farmer

A self-employed farmer is one that you see out in the field early in the morning and late at night. He does not work for a large company growing crops for them; he grows them for him to sell. The farmer's main goal is to raise the most productive crop he can, earning the best profit available, and working with the land to keep it sustainable condition. A variety of crops can be grown, and animals can be raised too. This is a job that one must truly love and be devoted to for if one is not then many things can go wrong and they will not succeed.

B. Sales (Equipment, Chemical, Seed)

A sales person is a person who has to have a lot of initiative to go out and introduce people to his product. I grouped sales all together because they all use the same principle and that is initiative. The sales person has many hours on the road traveling all over his district talking to people and just keeping up his public relations with the farmer, so when it comes time to sell his product he might have a edge up. This person is also very knowledgeable of everything he sells, since the buyer always has a question and they come to him when they want it answered. Also public speaking is a big part in this field, since meetings are required to introduce new products each year.