School Violence and Gun Access Essay

School Violence and Gun Access Essay

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Through out history, school violence has been an issue everywhere. It is only human nature to be violent and suppresive to weaker peers. Some examples of school violence are bullying, mass massacres, as well as psychological issues that go unnoticed or ignored by staff and doctors. Although there are many problems still occurring today, there are numerous organization helping to stop or prevent school violence. School violence may never be suppressed, but its our job to find the origins, the effects, the causes, how people are trying to solve the problem, and how is the problem decreasing or increasing.
School violence is a difficult subject to understand, therefore it is hard to prevent. Some say that the cause of school violence is access of fire arms. For example, during 1980’s and early 1990’s gun violence spiked, because more teens had access to guns(CRF). Studies show that 75% of school deaths are a result of firearms(CRF). A school interview showed that 28% of students have handled a firearm outside of parent supervision(CRF). Since many legal firearms dealers do not do background checks on their clients, and students have easy access to these weapons, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure that would “streamline the system for keeping track of criminals, mental patients, and students under 18”(CRF).
Although many say that school violence results from gun access, others say that school violence is a product of the media and bad parenting. In 1963 professors A. Badura, D. Ross, and S.A. Ross gathered 100 preschool children and divided them into four groups. Groups 1, 2, and 3 were all exposed to different kinds of violence. group 1 was exposed to a live man insulting and beating a doll. Group 2 was exposed to t...

... middle of paper ... school violence and learn from the past with events like the Columbine Massacre. To help prevent the problem of school violence parents need to stray from violent shows and keep weapons like firearms and knives well hidden. Schools need more victim recovery to stop any future acts of violence. In conclusion, all schools in the united states should follow all safety procedures, and stop school violence acts before they occur.

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