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Everyone knows the universal signal for “choking”, but does everyone know what to do when they see it?
“Help”, she attempted to gasp.
I stood there, in front of Sofia, my advisor’s seven year old daughter, watching her turn red from the chin up to her forehead. My first thought was that she would just cough and the Lifesaver, ironically enough, that she had been previously enjoying would fly out, and she would be fine. However, there I stood with my roommate, friend, my advisor’s twin boys, and Sofia, still choking. I was suddenly overcome with a sense of actual deep fright. I had felt a twinge of this feeling a couple times in my life: a horror movie, a haunted house, a practical joke from a friend, but this was different. This was complete and utter helpless fear. I looked to my roommate and friend and could tell they were not feeling any safer than I. Something in my body took over and I stepped to the bed that formerly held a bouncing, gleeful little girl, and now, within seconds, was the place in which would determine the majority of my thoughts for the rest of my life.

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