Jeanna's Intervention

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This episode of Intervention is about Jeanna. Jeanna is a twenty-five year-old, homeless, and jobless woman living in Madras, Oregon. During the episode she was living in a trailer on her friend Josh’s property, but was evicted due to drug use. Jeanna is addicted to crystal meth and she injects through an IV three times a day for the past four years. She has been unable to hold a job since her use became so frequent. She stated that when she is in a binge she will stay up for almost seven days straight. She admits to selling her body for money to buy drugs, and her mother described her as sweetly manipulating men at bars to get money for drugs. Her father was in prison the majority of her life and when he got out he wanted to begin to build…show more content…
When she found out she was pregnant, she got her life together, got a job, moved out of her mom’s house, and was clean. When she lost Nicholas, she immediately spiraled back into her bad habits. Her family didn 't help her or give her any money to support her addiction. However, they also didn 't try to help her pull out of it. Her family saw her as a lost cause and were waiting for something bad enough to happen for her to realize she needed to get clean. Mikah threatened to not allow Jeanna to be in her child’s life if she didn 't go to treatment, and that’s when Jeanna realized she needed to help herself by getting clean. The significance of the mother and child bond shows how someone can overcome addiction because of love for another person. In Jeanna’s case, she overcame addiction twice. Once for the birth of her son, because she understood the importance of the bond of mother and child. She never received this bond from her mother so she wanted her son to experience what she had always wanted to experience. Then she overcame addiction again so that she could witness and be a part of her sister and her niece or nephew’s life. In addition, at the beginning of the episode Jeanna talks about why she enjoys using crystal meth. She said that it gave her a rush of energy, but that it also completely numbed her. This sensation seems like an odd one to enjoy, but as she…show more content…
When Jeanna became addicted so young she disrupted the normal development of the part of the brain that handles the abilities to plan ahead, handle complex tasks, and inhibit inappropriate behavior (Buzzed intro and Brain basics ppt slide 22). Jeanna showed the positive incentive theory of addiction. The hedonic value she gets from the methamphetamine does not equal the anticipated feeling. She expects the meth to make her feel numb, but she continuously has to take more and more of the drug to feel the same effect. As stated in our addiction powerpoint, “In chronic addicts, positive-incentive value of drug is out of proportion with pleasure actually derived from it” (Addiction ppt slide 9). This is important pertaining to the class because she is feeding her addiction more as she gains tolerance to the dosage of drug she initially took. The episode did not explain how severe her withdrawal was when Jeanna stopped using, but they did emphasize that she was using because of the pain of losing her son. I find this important because there is an emotional aspect to her drug abuse. She is numbing her emotional pain and this drives her to take more and more of the drug in order to reach the initial feeling she felt when she took meth the first time after her son
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