The Perfect Day

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It is a sunny morning. I am home with my stepfather and brothers. The clouds seem perfectly shaped as they swivel in the sky. The birds whistle a tune no morning has heard and the trees dance as the breeze whips. I am stuck indoors, and I am missing what seems to be the perfect day. My brother is leaving to head to basketball camp. My other brother is heading to work. Today was going to be a day with just my stepdad and me. He prepares breakfast for me, and the smell captivates my senses. I stop staring out the window and head to the bathroom and then to the table to eat. This is the perfect day. Suddenly I awake at the noise of sirens and people yelling my name. Where am I? Those words radiate out my thoughts but never touching my lips. Panic engulfs me, but I am restricted to the stretcher. “Are you ok?” said the paramedic. I am dazed, confused, and barely aware of my surroundings. Again “Yes, I am fine” races from my thoughts down to my mouth, but nothing was heard. Then, there was darkness. I wake up in this room. My mother is to my left crying with her face in the palms of her hands. My dad, he paces the floor with his hands in his pockets. I am scared I can barely remember what has transpired. As my mother stands and looks at me square in the eyes, the nurse comes and says with a grin on her radiant face “Hello, Mr. Howard. How are you feeling?” I attempt to sit up, but my body is aching. My dad hurries over to help, but it was no use the pain was overbearing. I began to weep and apologize. My dad with a stern look on his face says, “Andra, you are fine now just relax”. How could I relax? I am stuck in this room with no memory of what happened. After breakfast, I ask my stepdad could I go outside. “Have you completed ... ... middle of paper ... ...e inside, I begin to beam. Because of what had happened my parents are talking to each other. I then close my eyes and rest. When I awake, I can remember what had happened. All of my parents are in the room. My stepdad, mother, father and stepmother all sit in the room talking. How could this be? This was a tragedy! Why are my parents not fussing? Why are they standing there talking? As my stepparents leave the room, my parents inform me they have created a living arrangement schedule. I will spend one week with my dad and one week with my mother. My mother had vowed to keep me from my dad. Now she is giving him a second chance. She realizes the very thing that she was withholding from him could have been taken away from the both of them. From that moment on I have always spent time with both my parents through tragedy my mother gave me dad a Second Chance.
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