Essay about The Roman And Western Roman Empire

Essay about The Roman And Western Roman Empire

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The Roman civilization can easily be considered one of the most fascinating civilizations in all of written history. While the Romans were notorious for “borrowing” most of their culture from elsewhere, it cannot be doubted that they had a significant impact on the rest of the world. Thus, explaining why their culture is so well studied. The roman history encompasses multiple wars, several bloody battles, many powerful emperors and even the splitting of the expansive empire into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. And one of the most notable aspects of the Western Roman Empire is its death in the 5th century. Multiple theories have been proposed as to what caused the demise of this once great empire. The end of the Western Roman Empire has brought much confusion and debate. One of the main debates being what to call the death of this empire; was a decline, a fall, or a transition. From war, to barbarians, to the economy and so many more theories, it seems that no historian can agree with the other as to what caused the final fate of the Western Roman Empire.
After reading several different versions about the fall of the Western Roman Empire, one thing is clear, there are multiple chief theories as to what caused the depressing fate of this once enormous superpower.
The first interpretation of what happened to the Western Roman Empire comes from author Adrian Goldsworthy, who believes that Western Rome declined. He states several theories while describing the fall of Rome from Persians to internal threats, he seems to have left no stone unturned. Goldsworthy makes sure to note that “no single event…can be said to have caused [the fall]’’ (Goldsworthy 405). That being said, one theory Goldsworthy seems to focus on more than th...

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...tiresome for them to try to defend themselves. When barbarians invade, they tend to do so for once reason, to gain land, and whether the loss of land to the barbarians is small or grand “Every temporary, as well as permanent loss of territory brought a decline in imperial revenue” (Heather 434), thus weakening the empire. When the Huns disappeared, the Western Roman Empire was caught off guard. At this point the Huns had begun to be integrated into the Western Roman Empire and had become vital soldiers. This sudden disappearance by the Huns is considered “the straw that broke the western Empire’s back” (Heather 435). This was the act that ended the Western Roman Empire’s reign as a superpower. With all this evidence pointed towards the barbarian hypothesis, it is easy to see Heather’s reasons why the Hun’s are mostly to blame for the Western Roman Empire’s collapse.

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