Fall of Rome

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Today, we learn the history of our countries and other countries because the history goes around and comes around and we should not commit the exact blunder. One of the examples of the history we learn is the decline of Rome which was caused by political instability such as constant changes of emperors, military faults which caused severe consequences, and economic and civic decay of ancient Rome. For instant, approximately twelve emperors out of twenty-two emperors were assassinated during the period of 235 to 283 CE. The Roman army began to become lazy and was damaged due to their abandoned ground drills. Invaders such as the Huns, Vandals, Ostrogoths, and Visigoths discovered weaknesses of Rome and attacked Rome. The Huns were especially the most famous, strongest, and wildest invaders. With these confusions, the change of emperors and invasions, former Roman citizens whose properties had been conquered “considered their new life” with less rules. As if to rub salt into the wound, a violent disaster caused more catastrophes and soon, epidemics went any further causing more deaths of people. One significant reason for the decline of the Roman Empire was political instability because poor leadership weakened and confused the community of Rome. During the 50-year period of 235 to 285 CE, there were twenty-two emperors with ‘assassinations’ as a frequent reason of deaths. In return, the government was unstable and could not be trusted. Also, as an enemy sight, the empire was weakened and vulnerable to invasions. In one sentence, frequent deaths of emperors led the corruption and an unstable government, which resulted in the decline of ancient Rome. Military faults were critically important in contributing to the decline of Rome ... ... middle of paper ... ...fall of Rome because the constant change of the emperors was destructive. Frequent assassinations had damaged the faith of citizens living in ancient Rome as well as members of the Roman army and confused them. With less belief, the government was unable to control their armies unlike when the empire was mighty. Also, since the emperors did not have enough experience to rule over the empire wisely, they made unhealthy decisions which were not advantageous for Rome, such as allowing soldiers to not wear the armors. The weakened army without any armor couldn’t manage the invasions from foreign groups and disasters. The disasters that had to be handled by the government were left alone, causing tremendous death of Roman people. As all reasons we knowledge of are linked to governmental insecurity, the primary reason for the decline of Rome was the political instability.

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